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From an abstract of a talk by Janette D. Sherman, MD, (USA) entitled: Risks in Breast Cancer are Really Effects

A family history of breast cancer, early menarche, late menopause, obesity and tallness can be promoted by exposure to hormonally active chemicals and radiation and as such are effects of results not risks. Factors mentioned as putting humans at risk for breast cancer are in reality effects resulting from exposure to carcinogens. These include dioxins, dibenzofurans, DDT, PCB's, various pesticides, and pharmaceuticals such as DES, ionizing radiation from bomb-testing and nuclear power reactors, and hormone altering chemicals. Amerlioration of contamination and prohibition of the use and release of radionucleotides and toxic chemicals involves economic and political factors. No national border is impervious to the transpor of chemical and radiation hazards as is clearly demonstrated by the worldwide epidemic of cancer.

Dr. Sherman has further stated that increased incidence of breast cancer has been documented in areas downwind of nuclear releases from both both testing and operation of nuclear power reactors. Without stopping additional release of causative agents, breast cancer WILL NOT BE PREVENTED. (Ann's emphasis)

The following email was sent to participants in recent international conferences:

I just want to pose a question to my contacts from the various world conferences on breast cancer. Listening to the women from developing nations describe the increase in incidence of breast cancer in their countries has made me think about risk factors.

In the developed nations, particularly the United States, we are told that early menarche, late or no childbearing, no breastfeeding and obesity or weight gain are "risk' factors.

Yet the women from developing nations have stated that their populations do not start menstruating until about age 13, they are thin (sometimes malnourished), bear about 5 children on average and breastfeed ALL of them.

So what does this say about what we all regard as risk factors? I think they need to be reconsidered and I welcome a dialogue about this.

Please send your comments to me . If you agree, I would like to post this dialogue to my website. 8/99 comments will be posted shortly. Anyone who would like to participate should email this website. Thanks.

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