Several Articles On Implants

They are on the market, or they are off. They are safe, or are they? Here are several articles that speak to these issues. Take a look, you decide.

Although I chose NOT to have reconstruction, it is a totally personal decision. But, like all decisions in the "cancer world" information is needed.

Silicone Implants

FDA looks at rupture rates May 2000

(Significant)Variability &Properties:Silicone Implants
Prevalence of Silicone Breast Implant Rupture
In Vivo Aging Characteristics
Silicone-related Symptoms One Year Later
Ann Fonfa's Letter to FDA re Silicone Implants
15% + of Silicone Implants Rupture w/in 3- 10 Years
High Platinum Concentrations in Women w/Silicon Implants
Letter to Dr. Lester Crawford, FDA Acting Commissioner
Saline Implants

Approved by FDA BUT MANY PROBLEMS! May 2000

Review of Implants
Synthetic Science
Connective Tissue Dis & Cosmetic Implant

Danish study, Arch Intern Med, 4/01

Immediate Recon with Saline Does NOT Interfere with Outcomes

J Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, May 2001

Natl Ctr for Policy Res on Women & Fam

A link to much information

Botox®  For Pain Control During Breast Reconstruction

Press Release Am Soc of Plastic Surgeons, 10/04


Cancer Nursing, 8/01

Two NIH Studies and Concerns on Silicone/Saline Implants

News release from Center for Policy Research for Women & Families

Are Breast Implants Safe?
Breast Implant and Immune Disorders

Archives of Internal Medicine, March 2001 Needs larger studies to determine relationship

Surgical Instrument Damage to Breast Implants
Silicone Implants-Correlations w/Illness
One Study Finds NO Link to Specific Ailments
Keratin (protein from hair/ fur/nails/feathers/beaks) for Implant Filler

New York Times article, 4/29/02

Tissue Expander For Hodgkin's Pts

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 1/02

Experience with Soya-bean oil-filled

British J Plastic Surgery, 5/02

Comparing 'Softness' of Implants
TRAM Flaps and Prostheses

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 8/02

Mortality w/Cosmetic Implants-Sweden

BMJ, 3/03

Variety of Letters in Response to BMJ article
Stage of Bca at Diagnosis w/Implants

Br J Cancer, 3/03

Later  Major Corrective Surgery after RTx

Very sorry we lost the Journal reference. 5/03

Tit for Tat

LINK to site on implants and nursing. Perspectives on both

Gilardi & Co. LLC

LINK to LAWSUIT against Inamed

Breast Implants: NO Excess Risk of Brain Ca

Annals of Plastic Surgery, 2/04

Letter to Dr. Reichman re MSNBC article

From Ruby Rahn, posted June 2006

Implants Out

LINK to Kacey's site

Survivor Site on Silicone Implants

LINK: Kathy Nye tells her story - "My first reconstruction 1968, original Cronin, after bilateral mastectomy at age 22. Many more surgeries & cancer again in 1986, I had chemo and radiation. I spoke before FDA twice. trying to keep implants off the market until they can prove them safe".

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