This product is a nutritional supplement designed by Patrick Quillin, Ph.D.

Dr. Quillin worked with the Cancer Treatment Centers of American for ten years, as their Director of Nutrition.

His website, offers information, sample chapters of his excellent book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition", and discussions on his theories of integrating therapies for cancer.

Excerpt from Chapter 9, "Nutrition Can Improve Outcome in Cancer Treatment":

Nutrition is a low cost, non-toxic, and scientifically-proven helpful component in the comprehensive treatment of cancer. Adjuvant (helpful) nutrition and traditional oncology are synergistic, not antagonistic.

The advantages in using an aggressive nutrition program in comprehensive cancer treatment are, in this critical order of importance:

1) avoiding malnutrition

2) reducing the toxicity of medical therapy while making chemotherapy and radiation more selectively toxic to the tumor cells

3) stimulating immune function

4) selectively starving the tumor

5) nutrients acting as biological response modifiers to assist host defense mechanisms and improve outcome in cancer therapy.

Dr. Quillin's site offers sections on:

If you have Recently been Diagnosed with Cancer; Nutrition in Cancer Treatment; Cancer and Nutrition; Healthy Lifestyle Tips; and Recommended Reading.

There is lots more of value on his site.

Below is the link to the section on his supplement product: Immunopower


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