HyperImmune Egg aka i26

The Annie Appleseed Project received information from an email. This is what J said (in part):

"I've used it since 2001 for allergies and anemia. I'm currently a caregiver for a man with Stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the throat. He's been using it for 3 weeks during Rad treatments and had great results so far.

His energy, blood counts, and gastrointestinal are all staying in good shape, compared to others I've heard from.

I accumulated a lot of info on it over the years, and when first researching it". It's listed in the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) for Non-Prescriptions and Dietary Supplements.

Dr Hellen Greenblatt was one of the original developers of the supplement at the DuPont company and now is the main authority on the technology.

May 2010

Hyperimmune Egg

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