A talk about Hydrazine Sulfate, May 1997

Ann's NOTE: This substance is an MAO inhibitor and has many foods and drugs it interacts BADLY with. Be sure you know how to use it. Check with a healthcare practitioner and read the information on our pages.

Even though we have a huge AVOID list, there may be more foods and other drugs to avoid. Be aware.

Speakers were: Dr. Joseph Gold, Director of the Syracuse Cancer Research Center, an experimental oncologist listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in The World, a member of the American Association for Cancer Research, the Medical Society of the State of New York and holder of many patents in biochemicals that treat cancer. Kathy Keeton, diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer two years ago, spoke about her personal experiences with HS. Ms. Keeton is married to publisher Bob Guccione of Penthouse Magazine and was the president of General Media, publisher of 15 magazines. She has published 2 books on women's health issues: Women of Tomorrow(on the impact of science in women's lives) and Longevity(on the science of staying young). Ms. Keeton was told she had 6 weeks to live at the time of her diagnosis.

Hydrazine Sulfate is used for a myriad of industrial purposes. It is also an inhibitor of a certain enzyme in the liver and kidney. It has been shown to inhibit cachexia(wasting) in cancer patients which is linked to over 70% of all cancer deaths. Some patients could therefore get better or live with their cancer if this is used. In 1968 a theoretical article was published on how cachexia occurred, which targeted the enzyme in the liver and kidney cortex. Dr. Gold began testing mice and rats with cancer and HS. He also told Bristol Myer about the substance. Within two weeks results were showing that it worked as an inhibitor of cachexia and was found to inhibit tumor growth in some animals.(As with all cancer fighting substances, it works for some). Five further years of research followed. Dosage was decided in a somewhat haphazard way but has shown to be appropriate. Dr. Gold was asked by a physician for a dosage appropriate for a patient with Hodgkin's disease who had not eaten for four days. This first human subject was able to sit up and recovery began within four hours. The substance was then used on several patients with this disease. Again some response but not in every case.

Sloan Kettering called a meeting for joint study but its ‘chemotherapists’ were less than enthusiastic. Then the FDA authorized a clinical study in California through Cal Biochem. These results were published in 1975, showing a 55-70% response in cachexia and a 20% anti-tumor response. This was an open clinical trial(not controlled).

The Russians began human and animal studies at about this time. They were showing very good efficacy with Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's patients who had ceased to respond or had never had chemotherapy.

In 1981, UCLA Harbor Hospital did a placebo-controlled trial sponsored by NCI and ACS which published results in 1990 showing efficacy and safety. Politics continued to rear its head as the product was very inexpensive. It worked in synergy with radiation treatments and could work with chemotherapy or without.

A pilot study was announced at Sloan but Dr. Gold found that the patients were receiving inappropriate dosages of the substance. In some cases, 1 -2 mg when 60 was called for and in some cases 3x the dosage. (Ms. Keeton said she and her husband were seeking the families of patients harmed during this and the following NCI study). Because of this protocol, the study was stopped.

In 1976 HS was put on the American Cancer Society(ACS) list of Unproven Methods. It was removed 3 years later since positive results were still being reported worldwide.

NCI issued a written statement in response to a request from Dr. Gold's congressional representative(after a study) that HS showed "no evidence of usefulness" and "no reason to believe it useful as a cancer therapy" In actuality, the results were the exact opposite or good.

Then the Russians wanted to attend a meeting of the American Society for Cancer Research to report on 225 patients but were denied a place on the program. This was very unusual but Dr. Clarks of Sloan Kettering, who was chair of the meeting, declared there would be no discussion of the reasons involved.

In 1994, NCI published 3 negative studies in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. After it was discovered that they used tranquilizers on 94% of the patients when this was specifically interdicted, Congress mandated a GAO(General Accounting Office, an oversight group) investigation. NCI was then made to publish an article stating that they had indeed used these products .

740 breast cancer patients were studied by the Russian researchers of whom 66 were stage IV, told they had 60 days or less to live. HS was taken as a single agent or 6 weeks after chemo was stopped. 55% increased status and decreased pain. 46% had an anti-tumor response.

Dr. Gold stated that hundreds of doctors are now calling his office for information on the correct protocol. He and his associates do not discuss this with patients. They will send out information if you provide an SASE (contact web site www.ngen.com/hs-cancer for some further information) The phone number, for your physician only is: (315) 472-6616/6618/2229 Calls are accepted from 2:30PM to 5:00pm M-F. You may need to insist that your phyician get this information. Many questions were asked after Ms. Keeton spoke.

Kathy Keeton had a mammogram just six weeks before she began to feel pain and fatigue. She was losing weight and went for a sonogram, then a cat scan. She thought she might have an ulcer but was told it was stage IV breast cancer with metastases to liver, pancreas, intestines, bones and some lymph nodes. She had a big tumor wrapped around her aorta and vena cava. She was given 6 weeks to live. She did not believe in the use of chemotherapy for her condition and therefore fought to avoid it. She was offered bone marrow transplant and said no. She knew of Dr. Gold and HS and called him. 10 weeks later the pain had all gone. She stopped all pain meds and started gaining weight. A cat scan showed that the tumor at the aorta had vanished totally. Dr. Gold suggested light radiation for a lymph node, but unfortunately she was given an excess and developed several illnesses as a result(radiation induced enteritis was one). It took her 9 months to recover her health after that. Two years later, she is living with 3 small tumors in her liver.

CORRECT WAY TO TAKE THIS TREATMENT: Course of treatment= 6 weeks on and 1-2 weeks off. As you get better, you can go off for 2-4 weeks. Kathy Keeton has been on and off for two years. Some Russian patients have received 40-60 cycles. For stage I patients, physicians are often advised that protocol could be 6 weeks on, twice a year.

IT CANNOT BE TAKEN WITH: Tranquilizers, mood elevators, alcohol, foods with tyramine including raisins, grapes, strawberries, bananas, aged or cured cheeses, meats, yogurt, smoked or pickled fish, broad beans, yeast extracts(check frozen/canned meals), Brewers Yeast, sauerkraut, cafergot/ergot(headache medicine). Also Vitamin C has to be less than 3,000(3 grams) and no more than 25mg of Vitamin B6 because this inhibits the anti-tumor action of HS. All other vitamins are okay. Go off your meds at least 5 days ahead of starting treatment. Some Chinese herbs may be contraindicated, but he did not specify. THERE MAY BE OTHER SUBSTANCES TO AVOID, SO CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN. Cautious Use: of avocado, raspberries, soy sauce, chocolate, peanuts and cream from unpasturized milk.

Dosage: If less than 125 lbs, take one (60 mg) tablet before breakfast and one before dinner. Take it anyway even if not eating. For 130 lbs and up, take 1 before breakfast, one mid-afternoon and one at night. But it is very important for your doctor to contact Dr. Gold for full protocol. Dr. Gold said that your physician must(by law) contact another physician for a protocol if you request it. Good luck.

The product is okay for people with liver mets. The earlier in the cancer cachexia cycle, the substance is taken, the better. Cancer does not seem to accelerate in patients who have no positive response.

Dr. Gold felt it was okay to take with tamoxifen, but cautioned that patients should have tests of liver function often because of tamoxifen's tendency to change from tumor inhibitor to tumor promoter. He mentioned that California has listed it as a dangerous drug.

Brain tumors are "exquisitely sensitive to HS"(response to audience question) Dr. Gold stressed that HS offers science-based evidence and has had published studies for many years. He said that patients often experience feelings of well-being, return of sexual function and possibly an anti-aging effect.

The Kathy Keeton Foundation has been set up in New York City to help answer patients’ questions. Contact them at (212)702-6000. They have information on physicians willing to prescribe hydrazine sulfate. Kathy died from complications of surgery but the work of the foundation goes on.

Dr. Lynn Ratner, a NYC oncologist uses hydrazine sulfate in his practice (Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC).

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