HRT & Risk of Ovarian Cancer

ABSTRACT: Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy and Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Context: The association between menopausal hormone replacement therapy and ovarian cancer is unclear.

Objective: To determine whether hormone replacement therapy using estrogen only, estrogen-progestin only, or both estrogen only and estrogen-progestin increases ovarian cancer risk.

Conclusion: Women who used estrogen-only replacement therapy, particularly for 10 or more years, were at significantly increased risk of ovarian cancer in this study.

Women who used short-term estrogen-progestin-only replacement therapy were not at increased risk, but risk associated with short-term and longer-term estrogen-progestin replacement therapy warrants further investigation.

07/17/2002; Journal of the AMA

HRT Increases Risk of Epithelial Ova Ca

Cancer Detection & Prevention, 4/05

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