HRT and Estrogen Issues

6/04 Well the Women's Health Initiative has shown us that estrogen replacement therapy must be used cautiously if at all.

See our summary from the American Society for Clinical Oncology's 2004 meeting.

So many questions, so few useful answers. We will try and post articles and studies, personal perspectives and more.

Individual women are having to cope with these questions and with the "side" effects of hot flashes, mental confusion and all that comes with natural menopause or chemo-induced menopause.

This area will cover use of "natural" or phytoestrogens as well.

Excerpts from ASCO 2004

Am Society for Clinical Oncology Our summary, 2004 meeting

Bioactivity of Foods, Herbs, Spices

A study by D.T. Zava et al Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 1998

Stop HRT if ER+ Breast Cancer Develops

Cancer, 12/03

Hormonal Replacement & Bca

1995 Study by B.G. Wren Eur Menopause J/ Part I

Part II
Hormonal Therapy & Chemoprevention
HRT & Risks of Bca

Many Studies

Hormonal Therapy and Chemoprevention
Bca Risk and HRT (includes Survival Studies)
Increased Incidence: Small & Well Differentiated
Study Results Show Possible Reduced Recurrence/Death
Confirms Link: Long Term Use HRT/Bca
HRT After Breast Cancer
Combo Hormone Therapy Increases Density & Abnormal Mammos
HRT & Lobular Ca

6/1/00 Cancer journal A study

Hormone Replacement Raises Bca Risk inPostmenopausal
Combined Hormone Replacement & Lobular Ca
Plant-based Estrogens as  Alternatives

A study in Journal of Am College of Cardiology 5/00

Actions of Dietary Estrogens w/ ER receptors...
Hot Flashes/Flushes
Using Alternatives for Menopausal Symptoms
Review of Evidence for Use of Phytoestrogens
Phytoestrogen Consumption & Bca Risk
Studying Herbs' Effect on Menopausal Symptoms
Isoflavones/Lignans & Invasiveness of BCa cells
Soy and Menopause, Vitamin E

Several studies on Soy, Vitamin E also-from Brazil using Isoflavin for cholesterol reduction too

Consumer Reports Okays Soy, Vitamin E
Phytoestrogen Therapy for Meno Symptoms: Article
Long-Term Soy Consumption Does Not Effect Hormones in Post-meno
Bca Risk May Offset Benefits of HRT

Study from Journal of Internal Medicine 8/00 Dutch study

HRT and Breast Ca Detection (Intervals)
Meno Symptoms Vary by Race & Lifestyle

Study 9/00 Am Journal of Epidemiology

No Menopausal Symptoms-NO Gain
Menopause in Australia and Japan
Hormones and Heart Disease

Heart & Estrogen/Progestin Replacement Study, 7/01

Botanicals for Meno-ACOG Guidelines

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 6/01

Hormones & their Influence

The Scientist, July, 2001

Article References
ERT and Cognition

The Scientist, 10/01

ERT after Ischemic Stroke

NEJM, 10/01

HRT Increases Breast Density

Br Med J,12/01

Patient Alert: Update on HRT & the Breast

Br Med J, 12/01

Postmeno HRT & QOL

Journal of Am Med Assoc Editorial, 2/02

Hormones & Bones

Archives of Internal Med, 3/02

Dr. John Lee on Progesterone after Bca (chat March 2002)

Dr. John Lee does not like Fosamax
Lower Doses of Conju Equine Estrogens

JAMA, 5/02

HRT Does NOT Reduce CHD Events

JAMA, 7/02

HRT Study from the Lay Perspective
ERT/PRT Gives Increased Risk Too
Survivors &  Alt Therapies/Symptoms

J Pain Symptom Management, 7/02

"Women's Hormones and Cancer"  (A Book)

By Tanya Harter Pierce

No Meaningful Effect:QOL

NEJM, 5/03

'Dr. Susan Love's Menopause & Hormone Book'

Previously published as Dr. Susan Love's Hormone Book. Revised 2003.

HRT & the Brain

BioMedNet, 6/03

Aliss T on HRT and Dementia
Estrogen Dominance

LINK to useful information about hormones and menopause

David Zava, Ph.D.

A source for saliva testing

No Am Menopause Soc Recommends Lifestyle Changes

Menopause, 1-2/04

Acupuncture for Menopausal Symptoms in BCa Pts

No Am Res Conf on Complementary & Integrative Medicine, May, 2006

Phytochemicals, Menopause & Hormone Replacement

No Am Res Conf on Complementary & Integrative Medicine, May, 2006

"Intimacy After Cancer" - Book for Women and Partners

March 2007

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