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We've been online since June 1999 .

Please help us with any size donation. We gather and disseminate information with volunteers. But it still costs money to get to a meeting somewhere.

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We will be hosting our 4th annual Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies conference March 3-5, 2011 in West Palm Beach, FL. If you cannot attend, why not make a donation to our scholarship fund so others may benefit?

100% of Donations support our programs - this website, attendance at medical, research, scientific meetings, literature distribution, advertising, subscriptions, fees etc.

Administrative costs are covered by Steve Wolman and members of the Fonfa family - including telephone and electricity. There are NO paid staff.

We would especially like to thank the ROS Foundation for their support of us. Their end-of-year grants kept us going in the early years and that meant a lot.

April 2010: Sadly we received legal notice that a wonderful woman named Catherine Greene (Schenectady, NY), who attended our first national educational conference, has died. Catherine was then funded by the Annie Appleseed Project to attend the annual conference for the National Breast Cancer Coalition where she was a gentle, but strong advocate for the use of complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies.

We are so grateful that she remembered us in her will - this is the first time we are going to receive a financial gift this way. Thank you Catherine. We honored her memory at our 2011 national conference. (August 2011 - the attorney informed us that since she arranged for any funds to come from the sale of her home, car, etc., we won't actually receive anything until they manage to sell stuff!) Update: Sept 2011 - nothing sold yet, lousy economy and what's the motivation anyway. So sorry Catherine.

August 2011 We have just been notified that another woman has left us a gift in her will. Thank you so much Danielle D. for the generosity shown. Another reminder that Cancer Totally S*cks!

September 1, 2011 We received a check for $800 from the donation of a car. This group also accepts boats. Don't junk it, donate it!

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Here is a comment we captured from the website Many organizations these days ask people to vote for their charity which seems so unfair to those without members (like us) or smaller organizations. But this particular group asked for comments - and this is what someone wrote:

Subj: about us from Great non profits 8/25/09

"I meant to write a much, much longer article, but since I seem to be procrastinating, I'll shorten it. My summary: I am a doctor of optometry and a licensed acupuncturist. This organization is astoundingly impressive, especially since for a relatively small volunteer-run group. The persons involved are generous with their time, driven by a wish to help others, and pretty darned competent.

They also seem very, very good at connecting individuals, groups, and information. My first exposure to them was at their January conference, which was superb and extremely useful. Since it was organized by non-professionals and registration fees were minimal, my expectations were low - but it was quite well-done, and the material, information and connections I gained are something I find useful at minimun several times monthly. I learned a lot not only from the speakers, but also from the many knowledgeable and interesting exhibitors.

After the conference I had several occasions to email them back and forth, and they provided me with a lot of very useful information - always friendly despite the demand on their time. Their only request was that I use it to be of use to others; simple enough.

Since then I have referred several persons recent cancer diagnoses to them, as they are a rare, warm and useful resource when one is searching for information or simply needs someone who understands to talk with or to listen. It is astounding to me that to date so few persons have written about them. I can go on and on about this group and should you wish to contact me by email or otherwise, it would be my great pleasure to do so.

I should state also that I am not personally connected with this group or any of the individuals involved - but I do have a markedly positive impression of them and am definite fan of this group. This is what I started to write previously: My first experience with the Annie Appleseed Project was a bit prior to January, 2009, when the group sent out a notice about the upcoming conference.

The speakers looked good, the cost was nominal, and the location was relatively convenient. I also found a very positive review of the group's first (2008) conference in the Townsend Letter, and this stimulated my curiousity. 2. how nice they were on the phone and by email. 3. Helpfulness at the conference. Wonderful info from the speakers. Dr. Block. Mrs. Block. Susan Silberstein. More. 4. The set-up and lunch. 5. The exhibitors. Salvestrols. Medicinal mushroom derivatives. Lots of science; my head swimming. More, more. 6. Speaking with Ann Fonfa, her husband, and some of the other AnnieAppleseed organization.

Ann's talk: her experience with being diagnosed with cancer and how she was helped; remembering and wanting to pass it on. (Boy, has she ever succeeded!) 7. The goody bag. Great book enclosed on dying with grace; brought me to tears. 8. Post-conference. Such friendly communication. Willing to send tons of information as long as I use it - and, despite the time demand and some technical difficulties, did so. 9. Have been giving their information to appropriate friends, clients and patients. Really a great resource. 10. Constructive feedback?

I'm not really in a position to say much here, as I don't really know the workings of the organization. I just know that what I've experienced externally has been very positive. Perhaps they could've used one member with A/V experience to troubleshoot projection systems, microphones and the like; maybe someone else to coordinate speaker time and manage audience queries a bit more tightly.

And I would've liked to have been able to stay and talk more and more with some of the exhibitors, but I understand that an hour after it's over everyone needs to go home. If this organization is still being evaluated next January, consider sending a "mystery shopper" to the conference. To me this whole group had such a down-to-earth, how-can-we-help, caring, humble-yet-very-competent feel to it; you could see if you find the same".

Our snail address is:

The Annie Appleseed Project

7319 Serrano Terrace

Delray Beach, FL 33446-2215

Att: Ann Fonfa

THE MONEY YOU GIVE will be tax deuctible to the full extent of the law. We can promise it will be used to support the work you see on this website.

OR you can go to any of the blue links below to make secure online donations as you buy products/services, etc.

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We offer information, education, advocacy and awareness for people with cancer, their family and friends. We specialize in information on complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies. We also have pages on general cancer issues.

It is our job to search through journals, attend meetings, and gather information from as many sources as possible so you can find it here.

You could also send feedback on what your protocol is or was, we can post it to our section on Patients' Protocols.

Thank you for your interest, any help, and good luck with your cancer "issues".

Currently receives about two million visitors each year. Of course if they each gave us a dollar, we could change the world.

Be an Advocate- why not write and ASK for studies on complementary/alternative therapies as USED by cancer patients. (See many discussions about that on this site).

Food and Drug Administration 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, Maryland 20857

or by telephone:

1-888-INFO-FDA 1-(888)-463-6332

or go to:

and/or the

National Cancer Institute NCI Public Inquiries Office Suite 3036A 6116 Executive Boulevard, MSC8322 Bethesda, MD 20892-8322

or go to:

Or respond to something you see here via email - Thanks.

Ann Fonfa, (founder and president)

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