How Aliss T. uses Flaxoil

I've been using the flax oil and flax seed for the past six months to reduce my "bad" estrogen instead of using tamoxifen, with my oncologist's uncertain blessing. It has worked.

My last blood test for estradiol was nice and low, post-menopause levels even though I am only recently menopausal.

Here are my guidelines.

Buy it fresh, in small quantities, from a refrigerated section of the store. It should be packaged in light-proof bottles. If it's not refrigerated, or if it is in clear bottles, it can rapidly go rancid and will taste and smell awful. Fresh flax oil should not taste or smell bad! Good brand is Omega-flo. Watch the best-before date too.

Flax oil should be mixed with protein. This is the best way to assimilate the volatile omega-3 fatty acids according to the research. I make a blender drink of frozen blueberries (shake a few out of a bag or bulk tub in the freezer), a banana, some stevia powder for sweetening, organic kefir or yogurt, two tablespoons of flax oil and two tablespoons of ground flax seed ( I grind it fresh in a coffee grinder every day).

Sometimes I use almond milk if I'm feeling paranoid about the dairy component (supposed to be strict macrobiotic, but what the hey). I look forward to this and have it four times a week or so. The rest of the time I use flax oil and ground seeds in a dressing with lemon juice and garlic, for vegetables and beans or tofu. The ground seeds make it thick like a mayonnaise.

I also stir it into oatmeal after it has cooled (flax oil should never be heated) and use it in hummus or any bean dip. The kids never notice and it's a good way to get omega-3 into them. I throw ground seeds into muffins and pancakes. The quick cooking of these items means the omega-3s aren't too degraded.

You would have to take an awful lot of flax oil capsules to get the recommended 2-3 tablespoons per day that is recommended, and capsules alone will not provide the protective lignans found in the seeds. From what an Omega-flo manager told me, I think that the processing involved in encapsulation does heat the flax oil to the degradation point. It's also quite expensive compared to the fresh oil. Flax provides a double benefit for breast cancer. The lignans in the seeds are what reduce the bad estrogen and the omega-3s in the oil fight cancer by normalizing cell membranes. And if we really want we can wear the stalks. There. Aliss T.

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