Home-based Walking Reduces Fatigue

ABSTRACT: Fatigue and Quality of Life Outcomes of Exercise During Cancer Treatment

Purpose: Despite the recognition of fatigue as a common and distressing symptom during cancer treatment, there are few evidence-based interventions available to manage such fatigue. The purpose of this multi-institutional pilot study was to explore the effects of a home-based moderate walking exercise intervention on fatigue, physical functioning, emotional distress, and quality of life (QOL) during breast cancer treatment.

Results: Women who exercised at least 90 minutes per week on 3 or more days reported significantly less fatigue and emotional distress as well as higher functional ability and QOL than women who were less active during treatment.

Clinical implications: A home-based walking exercise program is a potentially effective, low-cost, and safe intervention to manage fatigue and to improve QOL during adjuvant chemotherapy or radiation therapy for breast cancer.

This health-promoting self-care activity needs further testing in large randomized clinical trials.

[05/01/2001; Cancer Practice]

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