A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer


Dr. Ramakrishnan's long-awaited book, A Homoeopathic Approach to Cancer, is now avaialble. The book contains over 100 cases as well as details of his prescribing method and was co-authored by Catherine R. Coulter.

The book describes in detail the protocol he recommends so patients and practioners alike can benefit. There are also statistical charts documenting the sucess rates with many types of cancer.

This book can be purchased at:

Washington Homeopathic Products homeopathyworks.com Call Toll Free: (800) 336-1695

Minimum Price Books www.minimum.com 1-800-663-8272

Homeopathic Education Service (800) 359-9051

Dr. Ramkrishnan's site

LINK to see more about his work

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Dr. Ramakrishnan's "Plussing Method

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J Homeopathy, 10/04

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Trifolium pratense for Breast Disease:Case Series

Homeopathy Volume 93, Issue 1 , January 2004, Pages 45-50

References for Trifolium pratense article
Homeopathic Substances Examined in Breast/Prostate Cells

Integrative Cancer Ther, 11/06

Homeopathy, Male Rats and Prostate Tumor Cells
Homeopathic Preparations & Human Prostate Ca Growth

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