High School student showcases Annie Appleseed Project

Hannah S., a high school student in Delray Beach, FL:

When I first began this endeavor, I envisioned my website to include local, deserving charities. I was looking for unique and special organizations that impressed me because of their focus.

I chose the Annie Appleseed Project because cancer is a special concern for me, and I am aware of cancer's increasing imminent danger for us. Two years ago, I lost my cousin and godfather to a rare type of cancer called synovial sarcoma. My aunt and his widow is an assistant dean at the University of Miami and works as a research doctor. Cancer has become a household word, not so uncommon any longer.

For many of my friends, classmates, and other teens living in my county, cancer is very real. Those kids will want to be a part of the future of cancer, and that reason was a significant role in why the Annie Appleseed Project is listed on my site.

My hope is that many students work with Ann, and help find the cure for cancer.

February 2009

Pictures from Hannah's High school Showcase, February 2009.

Hannah's Website showcase

Link to her project, February 2009

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