Herb-Drug Interactions

A Review Article from Lancet 2000; 355: 134-38 And a brief caution on prescription drugs/adverse reactions

American Botanical Council

Information from the German E Commission and much more

Herb Research Foundation

LINK to scientific research, papers and much information

Artemisia Herbal Seminars

LINK to homepage for seminars taught by herbalist Kathy Abascal and naturopathic physician and herbalist Dr. Eric Yarnell. email: info@herbalseminars.com

UCLA Study of Herbal Remedies

November 1999-Contain appropriate ingredients although not always amounts stated

MSKCC About Herbs

LINK to site


Curcumin,St. John's Wort, Ginseng,etc.

Application of “-Omic-” technologies in phytomedicine
Spices and Bacteria
Soy and Hot Flashes
Borage Oil/GLA
Decreased Risk of Mortality
Some Spices Protect Bacteria During Irradiation
Antioxidants and Healthy Breasts
Milk Thistle Studies (silymarin)
Spice Rack and Cox 2 Inhibitors
Herbals, Cancer Prevention & Health
Studies with Ginseng
Myrrh as Anti-cancer Therapy
Red Clover and Estrogenic Effects
Spices that Enhance Immunity
Saffron & Cancer Prevention
Kava Kava
UK Tonic Contains Chinese Ants
Review of Some Popular Herbs
Herbs Rich Source of Antioxidants
Plant Stems & Leaves Proportional to Roots
Herbal-related Toxic Hepatitis
St. John's Wort - MUST READ INFO
Anticachectic Effects of Berberine & Coptidis rhizoma
Medieval Medicine (Wales) Contributes
Gingko biloba
Black Cohosh & No Proliferation of Bca Cells
Ascaridol (Chenopodium antherlminticum L)
Homoharringtonine-Evergreen plant Cephalotaxus harringtonia
Ayervedic Herbs to Reduce Unwanted Effects of Chemo
Anti-Cancer Plants in Brazil
Medicinal Plants Make a Comeback
Herbal Plants Endangered by Interest
Capsaicin Inhibits Angiogenesis
Tylophorine Analogs as Antitumor Compounds
Korean angelica Isolate Induces Apoptosis
Chapparal Looked at AGAIN - Tumors Shrink
The Herbage Database
Herbal Medicine in Context: Editorial
Herbs Have Multiple Effects - Some Opposing
Terminalia catappa (Herb) is Chemopreventive (Rats) Colon
Nigella sative (Herb) & Early Carcinogenesis (Rats)
Phenolic Contents & Antioxidant Activities: Plants/Food
Woad has Anti-Cancer Properties
parthenolide & golden feverfew extract in 3 Human Ca Cell Lines
Protective Effect: Andrographis paniculata & Urothelial Toxicity
Daphne genkwa root inhibits growth/mets Lewis lung ca (MICE)
Protective effect of Terminalia belerica Roxb. & gallic acid
Uncaria tomentosa extracts dffrntlly rglts exprssn IL-1alpha & TNF-a
Chinese Herbs Examined
Evaluation of antioxidant activity of Cassia siamea flowers
Evening Prirose Enhances Chemo
Willow bark extract Suppresses Growth Colon/Lung Ca cells
Clove Tea for Diarrhea
Terminalia catappa L. leaves and Lung Cancer cells
Black Pepper has MANY Healthful Properties
Two Herbal Extracts Kill Cancer Cells
Cytotoxic Effects of Bilberry Extract on MCF7-GFP-Tubulin Breast Cancer Cells
Sources for Organic Herbs & Info About Herbs/Spices
Herbal Medicine: Predictors of Recommendation by Physicians

J Clin Pharm & Thera, 6/04

 Protective Effects of Boerhaavia diffusa L. Against Radiation—Induced Damage

Integrative Cancer Therapies, December 2007

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