Some Information on Herbs Culled

From Many Sources

It is important for us to know about helpful herbs. The Western tradition of herbal use is different than in most Eastern traditions. In traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are generally used in combinations. Not so in Western.

If one believes that herbs contain active ingredients, caution must be used. But there are many useful sources to look at for more information on herbs.

Please discuss your use of herbs with your health care provider.

Milk Thistle

Information on liver function support

American Botanical Council (a link)

Excellent information from all around the world including German E monographs

Andrew Weil, MD (a link)

Director/Program in Integrative Medicine University of Arizona/Tucson, recognized expert in herbs, mind-body and integrative medicine

Cat's Claw

A patient's perspective

Pau D'Arco and Taxol

Animal Study in ovarian cancer- tumor cells destroyed completely

Herbal Fortress

Information from Margo Jordan Parker on Chinese Herbs/LINK

Turmeric and Gynomastia

A use for prostate cancer patients from the UK, includes a link to the article

Dr. Duke's Phytochemical/EthnoBotanical Databases


Kava Kava-for Stress Reduction

Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 2000

Black Cohosh May Help Reduce Bca Risk

From Massage Today, Nutrition Research News See email at bottom, 1/07

Black Cohosh Interacts with Adriamycin & Taxotere
Black Cohosh for Hot Flashes
Tongkat Ali - Malaysian Plant story, 7/02

Petiveria alliciacea L. Plant

American Chemical Society, 9/02

Autumn Advice '02: Kami McBride

Excerpts from

Curcumin & Irreversible Growth Inhibition/Apoptosis:Melanoma

AACR Abstract #R2722, 2003

Amazon Herbs From Rainforest


Induction of AP-1 Activity by Perillyl Alcohol in Bca Cells

Carcinogenesis, 10/99

Phase I Trial Perillyl Alcohol in Human Subjects
Rain Tree

LINK to Amazon herbs

Inhibition of Ca Cells by Artemisinin Derivatives

Pharmacol Res, 9/03

Angiostatic Therapy & Artemisinin
Natural Tonic: Richard Schulze

Hana Kroeger Herbs

LINK to source for Hana's herbs and more

Canadian Herbalist Assoc of BC

LINK to site on herbs CANADA

FDA Bans Ephedra


Another View of Ephedra
An Herb is MORE Than its Active Ingredient

Source: Wellness Directory of Minnesota

Heal Marketplace

LINK to 'private' source for organic herbs

Cyclamen, a Wildflower

An email from Serbia, 1/06

Further comments on Wild Cyclamen
Aloha Medicinals Inc.

LINK to America's largest producers of organic medicinal mushrooms

Taos Herb Company

LINK to company with "array of sacred herbs & intensely herbal products"

Cannabinoids and gliomas

J Mol Neurobiol, August 2007

Organic India

LINK to company using ONLY organic vegetarian capsules

Bear Wallow Herbs

herbal First Aid kit and more LINK too

Charismatism Tea Company

LINK: Product developed by a cancer survivor "Zana13 Adaptogen Tea"

Herbs and Natural Therapies for Ascites

Posted January 2010

Two Herbal Extracts Kill Cancer Cells

J Medicinal Food,May 2009

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