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A new web site has been launched by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturer's Association (PhRMA) to help match drug assistance programs with patients in need. is free and according to PhRMA completely confidential.

You are never asked for your name or Social Security number or any other information that can identify you. An interactive tool collects information about you such as where you live and what your family income is and then matches the answers against a data base of governmental and private assistance programs.

You get a rundown of what programs you may qualify for. Of course, the site just points you in the right direction. You still need to jump through what hoops - which can be formidable - are erected for obtaining the help.

Up to 1.9 Million Adverse effects-180,000 FATAL

JAMA, 3/03

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Posted April, 2005

Drug Watch

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