Health Horizons Wellness Scientific Assembly

2nd Annual Health Horizons Wellness Scientific Assembly, Feb 2007, Albuquerque, NM

Report by Suzanne Gauvreau

The focus of this well-planned, well-delivered assembly was “Life is dependent on nutrition and nutrition is Life” The audience was composed of many doctors, physician’s assistants and other health care professionals who have little to no education concerning nutrition.

The speakers were chosen for their efforts to self-educate and making wide strides toward recommending nutrition strategies to patients in their practice, before prescribing medications for chronic conditions or adjusting diet to wean off medications.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Phillip Goscienski, a 50 year practitioners of pediatric medicine. He relates how the diet patterns of all people, particularly Americans, and how it has disrupted the health and caused great disparity among people, now especially in children and youth of America.

His talks included; “Learning from the Past, Living for the Future”, “Beyond Healing: the Doctor as a Teacher”, “A Healthcare Paradigm: the Evolutionary Constraint”, “Restoring a Squandered Legacy”. His speeches reflected his understanding of the disease patterns, changing food culture and lifestyle issues over the centuries which bring us to where we live, work and eat today. He was a very dynamic speaker who made the point that we truly are what we eat and what we eat is not what our ancestors ate. They did not suffer from diabetes, osteoporosis or obesity or cancers.

Many of these contemporary diseases are caused by our lifestyle choices and the environments where we now live and work.

Another popular speaker who presented several lectures was Dr.Tony Vendreyes, a physician in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He is trained in western medicine as well as hypnosis, mind/body medicine/nutritional and herbal medicine, yoga and other Eastern approaches to healing.

He uses an integrative approach and challenges his clients to the responsibility for their health and acts as a mentor and coach in helping them to achieve optimal wellness. He has accomplished amazing work in training other to educate people about nutrition and offer training so more people can spread the word.

Other topics included Ethical principles in selling health related non-prescription nutritional products to a patient from a doctor’s office setting, Osteoporosis, nutrition and its effect on the skin, diabetes and nutrition, fats and their role in nutrition, American dietitians versus functional nutrition, healthcare versus sick care.

There were also numerous breakout sessions with knowledgeable physician presenters. These ranged from endocrinology, bio-identical hormones to anti-aging, alzheimers, cancer nutrition, leaky gut and cardiac nutrition.

Many of the doctor presenters are engaging in their own research based upon the work of others or engaging in research themselves, keeping count of their patient cases by formal or informal written data.

The amazing thing is that so many healthcare professionals took the time and paid the fee to come find out more about what they can do for their patients nutritionally. These doctors know through experience that prescriptions meds are not the way to better health.

Preventing the situations where chronic disease develops is the paramount concern.

Through charts, statistics, case studies, anecdotal experiences, lack of training for the knowledge they wanted, these doctors have persevered and made their lives and the lives of their patients more proactive and involved with their choices.

This panel of presenters is showing the way to a new generation of doctors and leading their peers into a new way of looking at health as wellness.

The final speaker was Dr. Arti Prasad, tying all the former speeches together speaking on Integrative Medicine as the future of Medicine. She is the chief of the section on integrative Medicine at University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center.

She has endured several years of questions by her peers in the western medical world regarding the usefulness of eastern medicine philosophy and re-stating the purpose of non-western medical principles. She gave a fine culmination to the discussions and presentations for the weekend.

The coordinator of this meeting was Dr.Steve Komadina, MD, also a member of the New Mexico State Senate. He gave interesting insights as to how medical and health issues are dealt with in the political context.

He also delivered good information in his numerous lectures on topics integral to nutrition and health/wellness.

Many of the presenters as well as doctor attendees are promoters of Herbal Life. This was evident in the many participants with their drinks at the meeting tables and the large cases of supplements they carried and used throughout the event.

At no time was this spoken of out of context or given recognition. It was a promotions free conference and is wonderful way for physicians and other healthcare providers to experience rejuvenation and stimulate them to take initiative to learn more about nutrition and its impact through local and national resources.

They now know the purpose and functionality of treating each patient as a whole, taking time to investigate underlying causes and treating not for symptoms, rather for life in health.

Written by Suzanne Gauvreau, Patients' Best Friend, MI

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