Healing Choices Your Guide to Complementary & Alternative Healthcare

From their site:

"What is Holistic Healthcare?

Holistic healthcare includes natural, alternative, integrative and complementary medicine. When alternative medicine is used with conventional medicine in a fully coordinated approach to patient care, this is referred to as complementary medicine, integrative medicine or holistic healthcare.

Complementary, integrative and holistic healthcare is based on a physician-patient partnership in which both conventional and alternative modalities are used to stimulate the body’s natural healing potential.

This enlightened approach to diagnosis and treatment brings together the best of all traditions and has the advantage of putting an increased emphasis on disease prevention and general wellness.

Healing Choices is a guide that provides information on over 100 modalities, books, and Internet sites. It will start you on your own road to optimal health and recovery.

The guide is available in print copy or e-book on our order page"


Healing Choices Your Guide to Complementary & Alternative Healthcare

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