“Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer”

“Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer” by Karen Jung

This innovative, “one of a kind” cookbook has received the support of several medical professionals, including a highly respected cancer specialist with the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver, British Columbia whose name is mentioned in my book.

In addition, copies of the books are located in the Patient Libraries of the various BCCA cancer centres in British Columbia.

Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer is an extensively researched and valuable patient-tested cookbook on preparing healthy and palatable meals for patients undergoing cancer treatments or people living with cancer. Cancer-fighting and antioxidant-abundant foods are emphasized throughout the book and used in 93% of the recipes.

A complete list of recommended recipes for during and after cancer treatments is very helpful. Menu suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snack ideas are outlined in easy-to-follow charts.

The large print, simple layout of recipes and 16 full colour recipe photographs in matte finish were designed for some readers with impaired vision in mind.

Furthermore, the 162 simple and delicious recipes, with easy step-by-step instructions, have been repeatedly tested on many families and friends who are not living with cancer.

This book is also an excellent resource for individuals, family members, caregivers and friends who wish to prepare healthier meals. Many recipes contain healthy and low-fat ingredients that will contribute to avoiding if not reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

Karen says: I was initially inspired to write this book with the earlier encouragement of my husband who was diagnosed with cancer. I also wanted to share my culinary experience and ideas with other people living with cancer or life-threatening illnesses, and to help them prepare healthier meals.

My husband overcame food challenges and avoided nausea and weight loss during cancer treatments and post-treatment recovery. Many of these recipes contributed to maintaining and/or increasing his weight during and after cancer treatments.

During his recuperation, we entertained guests with these healthy and appetizing meals with the goal of persuading others to change their lifestyle and eating habits, too.

My passion for cooking came from my mother, and my father and grandfather who were both restaurant cooks. My professional background includes 24 years of experience in the health care industry. I served for 12 years as Director of Human Resources in several large hospitals and a residential care facility in British Columbia, where I have worked with all levels of staff including physicians and external caregivers.

It is my ardent hope that my book will promote more cancer awareness and influence many other individuals and families to change their eating habits. My books are currently being promoted in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

Additional information on the book, including direct purchases, can be found on the publisher’s website at www.granvilleislandpublishing.com. The book is also listed with Amazon.com.

A proper diet is crucial for everyone, especially in both cancer prevention and heart disease risk reduction. For a loved one or someone special in your life, this cookbook is a caring and practical gift for individuals diagnosed with cancer, family members, caregivers and friends because it includes healthier, lower-fat and fun foods to share with others.

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