12/05 Received an email from Daniel who suggested that this website is the ORIGINAL treatment HANSI site.

http://www.hansiargentina.com (It is in Spanish)

Phyl, a friend sent us information on this technique and World Health Advanced Technologies, Inc.

From the website:

"Who is World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd.?

World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd. is a Bahamas registered corporation dedicated to making available the miraculous healing waters of HANSI AT products to the world to enable lifelong health and healing. Our vision is an integration of the world's healing systems, both old and new, allopathic and complementary modalities by collaborating with those of like mind to actively and honorably be a part of the global health and peace of all human kind."

"Where is W.H.A.T. located? (Updated from the 'information' office of W.H.A.T., 6/04)

World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd. is an information office to assist those wishing to acquire the Enercel (formerly HANSI) products and treatment. Your site mentions that, "The company is said to have treated 150,000 people." This is a misquote from our site. There probably have been over 150,000 people treated with the product, but our company did not treat them. They or their doctors have used our products for treatment. We are an information office, not a treatment facility.

The product name, HANSI, has been changed to "Enercel", as new studies point to cellular energy as its mechanism of action. We felt that this name more accurately captures the essence and effect of the product. We have also relocated our information office. Correspondence can be sent to World Health Advanced Technologies, Ltd., P.O. Box 20397, Sarasota, FL 34276-3397. Our new telephone numbers are (941) 927-3444, fax (941) 927-3477, and e-mail is the same at what2000@juno.com.

We have cancelled the old site and are replacing it with a revised site, which will be up soon. All the current developments and treatment options will be available on the new site. In the meantime, we felt that as a service to your readership, we were obligated to give you the most recent updates for your site and for the benefit of those visiting it.

The product is said to have been used to treat 150,000 people.

From their website:

"What Is HANSI A.T. ?

HANSI A.T. is a series of liquid solutions in the standard homeopathic microbes form, at dilutions so high that none of the original mother tinctures can be detected. It is the result of decades of experimentation, first on plants, then on animals and finally on humans. It is a complex compound formed of the essences of the plants and minerals found in forests and deserts of the world, which are greatly diluted, energetically stored in sterile water and introduced in tiny amounts into the human body, sublingually, by inhalation and/or by intra muscular injection and/or intravenous injection. HANSI A.T. then activates, strengthens and balances the body’s immune system, which becomes stimulated to perform its innate functions of fighting disease and restoring homeostasis."

Phyl says:

"Dr. Green is an MD and homeopath. I spoke with him on the phone, liked him, liked his philosphy, and was impressed that he seems to know his stuff."

World Health Advanced Tech

LINK to their site

Hansi Argentina

LINK to site said to be 'original site' It's in Spanish

Hansi-Enercel - Dr. David Green

LINK to site offering information from retired medical director

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