Govallo VG 1000

Excerpt from the 1999 summary of the Cancer Control Society Meeting (see meeting summaries section for a more complete report on that meeting):

"Dan Rogers, MD, ISSELS/CHIPSA (Gerson Research Organization) reported using urea/creatine by injection directly into the tumor site. They are also using a hyperbaric chamber.

For Hodgkin's and thyroid patients, they are using the Issels vaccine therapy as well as Govallo VG 1000 as a vaccine.

Coley’s toxins are given to speed up a fever reaction. Other protocol substances include high Potassium, cod liver oil, raw fruits and vegetables, enzymes and chelation. Dr. Rogers stated that they are having good success in reducing tumors in melanoma, breast, astrocytoma and lymphoma patients, claiming a 28% overall patient survival rate which includes many Stage3 and 4 patients."

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