The Gown Opens in the Front -BOOK

A clever, very real, very personal and realistic journey of one woman's treatments, thoughts and experiences while undergoing breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

Rachel walked her dog and took long walks when she felt up to it. She took shorter ones when treatment got her down physically. She found emotional support in her partner (they got married when her treatment was almost over).

Rachel really tells it like it is on many pages of this interesting book - she holds back nothing when complaining about the way medical staff behaves (or praising them), how it all feels (discomforts, problems - both short and long-term) and family issues.

Here is a paragraph about one hospital stay:

"The next two nurses walk into the room and stand next to my bed, bickering about my IV. There seems to be some confusion about whether or not it is time to change the tubing.

"Well even if the chart says its been changed on Tuesday, it wasn't,: one of the nurses says "they just forge that in the charts because it is silly to change them out that often."

I am amazed. Do I even exist? Only a complete dumbass would have the nerve to say something like that in front of a patient? I secretly memorize their names".

Number 14 in her 31 Tools:

Get a massage or healing touch before each chemotherapy day.

Reviewed by Ann Fonfa

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