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6/29/04 Ann Fonfa has just returned from a week long training program 'Food as Medicine'. The summary will be posted in our Meeting Summaries/Advocacy Issues section. But one important thing she heard was that Glycemic Load was different than Glycemic Index. It made clear that fruits and vegetables are ALWAYS healthy choices.

4/04 We received an email from Denise. She wrote to say the following:

"Yes it's a book "The Glycemic Revolution". It is supposed to be the utmost authority on the subject. It comes recommended by several people including Dr. Andrew Weil.

Brown rice, pasta, wild rice, corn are all recommended on a low glycemic diet. As opposed to raisins, corn and popcorn?

There is a database here as well as info on the book.

Thanks for checking back.


High-glycemic foods (especially if you eat a lot of them on an empty stomach) GREATLY promotes the growth of cancer cells.

However, some foods have a much lower (or higher) glycemic index than one would expect. Some juices (e.g., apple, orange, and [to a lesser degree] carrot) have a lower glycemic index than you would think.

Whatever the reason/explanation, carrot juice is very effective in healing cancer despite its moderately high glycemic index.

Beets are substantially higher-glycemic than carrots, but they have antitumor properties and detox the liver (speaking of which, liver detox is essential if you're doing daily juicing, and while beet juice helps, I don't know if it by itself detoxes the liver sufficiently); accordingly, I would definitely juice beets, but only a little bit at a time, and I'd juice it (i.e., mix it) w/another fruit or vegetable, not by itself.

Also, blenders (e.g., Vita-mix) is probably safer to use for very-high-glycemic produce; blended juice has a lower glycemic index than "juiced" juice, but masticating juicers are much better than blenders in other ways. I'd use a masticating juicer for all low and moderate glycemic foods.

Gerson therapy also includes the drinking of organic (green) APPLE (20oz/day) and ORANGE (8oz/day) juice (note: Tangeretin, bioflavanoid in oranges, may interfere w/tamoxifen). I would juice lemon and lime together w/the orange.

I would also juice KIWI and green/unripe PAPAYA (particularly for their proteolytic enzymes), as well as a few organic grapes (only juice a few grapes at a time considering their high sugar content).

Some recommend juicing organic unpeeled pineapple (for its bromelain), including its stem, but (erring on the side of caution) I wouldn't (considering pineapple's high glycemic index, I wouldn't even eat pineapple if I had cancer) but instead would take high dosages of bromelain supplements, ideally Wobenzyme.

The following fruits are low-glycemic:

raspberries oranges grapes apple, fresh or dried pear peach-- organic only plums prunes apricot, dried

The following are very-low-glycemic:

lemon & lime-- in moderation strawberries-- organic only; have anticancer properties cherries-- organic only

Juice usually has a higher-glycemic index than the whole fruit, but not always.

Oats and (particularly) RYE are 2 of the lowest glycemic grains.

The following are high-glycemic foods listed (approximately) in order of glycemic index beginning w/the highest glycemic index:

beer, dates, parsnips, white/red potato, pumpkin, rutabaga, watermelon, whole wheat, millet, couscous, cornmeal, pineapple, canteloupe,corn, popcorn, raisins, brown-rice pasta, brown & wild rice, muesli, beets.

Unless I was trying to gain weight, I would avoid ALL of these (PARTICULARLY in large quantities on an empty stomach) except beets and a little brown rice. The only type of wheat or bread I'd eat is sprouted bread and perhaps a little sourdough bread. (advocate)

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