Gingko biloba

Used for memory by many. Here are some comments taken from an HSI Alert:

"During this past week several new postings have appeared under the "Ginkgo Biloba" heading with information on where to obtain GBE with ginkgolic content as low as 1ppm. Meanwhile, another message posted by an HSI member named Willis (an experienced nutritional researcher) shares important details about his personal experience with GBE. Here's just part of Willis' posting:

"I kept reading about ginkgo biloba and the glowing reports of what it could do for declining mental acuity...never a word was seen about any down side. It was only a marvel, so I began to use it. Well, I tell you, it did everything the wildest author ever promised. Total return of cognitive function and memory. I reveled in using it at recommended levels for about 8 years. For the last year or so, I observed curious skin problems. Dime sized patches on upper chest... "Spider" bites appeared on lower legs, thighs, and abdomen. Additionally, I began to get shooting sensations through my temple area front to back.

"One day, I came across yet another glowing article on ginkgo biloba. Buried in the text was this gem that solved my problem: 'Rarely, it may cause skin problems or headache.' Well, when I discontinued use, the weird skin problems disappeared, along with the headache sensations.

"Fortunately, discontinuing Ginkgo Biloba has not diminished my cognitive function, so perhaps the answer would be to take it for no longer than 6-months (one doctor's advice)."

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