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Ann Fonfa interview May 2011

Information on cancer clinics around the world. If you know of one not listed here, please send us an email.

9/08 This link is for a company called Global Billing Services, self-described as "specialize in helping American patients obtain reimbursements for their visits to hospital facilities outside the United States. Currently we handle facilities in the Bahamas, Germany, India, Mexico and Switzerland".

6/2005 We just found this video or DVD program that offers a look at many German clinics which are combining techniques (integrative medicine) to give people with cancer the best possible chances. If using complementary/alternative approaches with light chemotherapy will protect normal cells from short and long-term damage, enhance the activity of the therapies used and be administered in an environment offering many choices for people with cancer, we are ALL FOR IT!

Take a look:

Many of these clinics now keep ongoing information about their patients and their wellbeing. It is unlikely they will be conducting clinical trials.

Still, some people do benefit from their stay. Ann Fonfa was one of them. You can find her diary below, summarizing her stay(s) at the Gerson Clinic, CHIPSA.

We cannot make any promises about any of these locations. We simply list them so you will know the options.

Here is one place to order Gerson supplies:

STAT phone number in Mexico 011-52-664-680-1103


GERSON Therapy

Articles, studies, patient stories, links, etc.

Coffee Enemas
Cavit-sonar imaging system - interior of bones
Gerson Cancer Therapy-High Potassium/Low Sodium
Ann Fonfa's Diary: CHIPSA
UK Man Uses Gerson Therapy
PAIN: Max Gerson, MD
Fifty Best Cases-Max Gerson
Abram Hoffer on Gerson Therapy
The Gerson Miracle: A Film
Cubing/Shredding Potatoes Before Boiling Can Reduce Mineral Content By 75%
Prince Charles Supports Research Gerson Thrpy
Pure fruit & vegetable juices protect against cancer &cardiovascular disease
Gerson and Gerson-type Clinics
U.S. Based Clinics

Variety of links

NATIONAL Cancer Research Foundation - Cellect
Immuno Energy Therapy
Elephant Pharmacy Integraties Conventiona & Alternative Therapies
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Antineoplastons: Dr. S. Burzynski
Clinics in Mexico

Various websites - many more than appear below, and general information

Antonio Jimenez, MD Hope4Cancer
Int'l Bio Care Hosp & Med Ctr.
Stella Maris-Ann Caputi's visit
Mexican Clinics & 'Prime Time' 1/02
Hoxsey Formula
Letter from Dr. Dan Rogers - Gerson Plus
Clinics in Germany

MANY varied links and articles

Klinik St. Georg (Patient Perspectives)
Leonardis Clinic
Stem Cells for cancer - in use in Germany
Dr. Ursula Jacob - summary of talk
Immuno-Augmentative Therapy

Bahamas Clinic Many long-time survivors

Sant'Orsola Malphighi Hospital

See more at Nat'l Foundation for Alt Med

Serafin AG Naturopathic Clinic

LINK English, German, Italian

Report from the Humlegaarden Clinic

Cory H. reports

Update from Cory H.
The Budwig Center

LINK to clinic in Spain, formerly called Mariposa Clinic homeopathic and Budwig diet


PDT/CLT information, NOT at East Clinic anymore, 3/03

Anne Caputi after Treatment with Carnivora
PhotoDynamic Therapy For Prostate
PhotoDynamic Therapy for NSCLC
CLT Updates
Systemic Light Therapy (PDT using Radachlorin)
Mediton Media - Clinic and Training Center in Moscow
The Issels Foundation

LINK to call for information


LINK (Ireland) specialises in treating chronic degenerative disease through non-chemical therapeutic methods.

Healing - Wellness Centers Worldwide

Variety of locations world-wide for healing

Dr. Eric Chan

LINK to Pangaea Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine, Richmond, BC, CANADA

Clinics in Asia

Variety of direct links

Clinics in Australia and New Zealand

variety of links

Article by Dr. Richard Fuller - DOVE CLINIC July 2010

South American Clinics

variety of links to clinics in many countries

Paracelus run by Dr. Rau

Klinik in Germany

Angry and upset family member's comments

Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.

This site is like an Encyclopedia - there are many pages, many links on many topics.

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