Gerson Cancer Therapy-High Potassium/Low Sodium

"A medical application of the Ling association-induction hypothesis: the high potassium, low sodium diet of the Gerson Cancer therapy" Author: FW Cope

Abstract: The high potassium, low sodium diet of the Gerson therapy has been observed experimentally to cure many cases of advanced cancer in man, but the reason was not clear.

Recent studies from the laboratory of Ling indicate that high potassium, low sodium environments can partially return damaged cell proteins to their normal undamaged configuaration.

Therefore, the damage in other tissues, induced by toxins and breakdown products from the cancer, is probably partly repaired by the Gerson therapy though this mechanism.

NOTE: This is only one aspect of the Gerson program that has been proven scientifically, in recent years.

Physiol Chem Phys v10, n5, 1978 pp 465-468

Decreasing Dietary Sodium W/High Potassium Diet

J Nutr, 12/03

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J Nutr, 11/04

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