Gerson and Gerson-type Clinics

Gerson Research Organization

LINK to articles on diet and nutrition (incl coffee enemas)

Gar Hildebrand Alternatives = AltCTEP

New clinic program in Tijuana run by American-based Gerson Research Organization

Gerson Therapy in the UK

LINK to UK site

Gerson Research Institute

LINK to Charlotte Gerson's group, offers books, support, etc.

Mind Your Body

LINK to Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center, includes Gerson Therapy. Dr. Baylac

Gerson Plus

LINK to Tijuana Clinic run by Dr. Dan Rogers, MD, NMD

Hawaii Gerson Therapy Retreat

LINK: "Our philosophy We believe in the innate power of the body to heal & regenerate & our intervention only consists in supporting this natural process. We believe in treating the cause of disease rather than suppressing symptoms".

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