Gasoline Exposure Increases Risk of Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer strikes men at a rate one-hundredth that of women, but a report suggests that men who work around gasoline and combustion products have a significantly higher risk of developing the disease.``If gasoline and combustion products cause breast cancer in men, it probably does so in women too,'' according to Dr. Johnni Hansen of the Danish Cancer Society, Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hansen looked at the lifetime employment records of 230 Danish men born between 1897 and 1966 who were diagnosed with breast cancer. The researcher matched each case with 56 men born the same year who did not have the disease. Men who had blue-collar jobs for at least 3 months in service stations, vehicle maintenance, wholesale gasoline sales, or car repair shops were considered to have been exposed to gasoline vapors. Men who had been exposed to gasoline and combustion products for at least 3 months were more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer as those who had not been exposed, Hansen reports. In addition, men who began working in these trades before age 40 were almost four times as likely to develop the disease. Writing in the current issue of the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, Hansen notes that although breast cancer is rare in men, the disease in men seems to be linked to many of the same factors as in women. These factors include family history of disease, a prior non-malignant breast disorder, and exposure to ionizing radiation. Previous studies have linked exposure to benzene and certain hydrocarbons, both products of gasoline and diesel fuels combustion, with breast cancer in women and in animals.

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Story from an email submitted by Mike Partain, December 2007.

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