From a Newsletter by Marie Pace, ND, CNC

Newsletter received via email January 20, 2007


"Cancer". What a word. Very interesting what hearing that word does to a person. I personally had to hear that word over and over again in the last few weeks.

Cancer- from an old Sanskrit word (karkara) which means "hard, rough". Basically now an "uncontrolled growth" that disrupts body tissue! Whew! Ok. Got it.

Then I hear: "your husband has cancer". And then I tell someone else, and their response? "Oh I'm so sorry?", or "Oh nooooo!"

I find that fascinating.

Let's see- if I'd said, "my husband has pneumonia"- no one would have said how sorry they were. If I'd said, "my husband has diabetes"- no one would have said how sorry they were. So why in the world is the immediate response, "I'm so sorry"- just what are they sorry for? Have they already decided that it's over?

Do they see a future neither I nor my husband sees? Just exactly what are "they" telling me? What are they putting forth for our future?

Ok- so now you know- my husband has cancer. It's very interesting- actually he's not alone. You see, I love my husband with all my heart. Therefore, I have it too, as part of my family dynamic. It affects me and my whole family.

The first thing I knew I had to do was to get and stay "uptone", I couldn't allow any negativity, no grousing about how awful this is, no looking into the future and seeing blackness, for all of us, and then the next thing I had to do was to get extremely well educated on this subject so I knew how to help, how to solve this new problem in our lives. That has led me down a whole new path in my search for answers.

You see, all experiments on the human body lead to one unifying conclusion: the overall structure, the shape, the pattern of any living thing is as real a part of its body as are its cells, heart, limbs, or teeth.

Living things are called organisms because of the overriding importance of organization, and each part of the pattern somehow contains the information as to what it is in relation to the whole. The ability of this pattern to maintain itself is truly phenomenal. But what organizes the growth? What is the control factor?

What is really in charge here? And how on earth could certain cells take off and start creating seemingly on their own as they do in a cancerous cell?

In 1948 Meryl Rose did a study and determined that cancer cells weren't special but merely embryonic cells in a post embryonic body. Kind of like a baby being formed, another entity being formed within an already existing body". Except it's not a real baby, of course.

In 1956 L. Ron Hubbard noted, "Cancer is not caused - never has been and never will be. It is not a caused mechanism by the external environment or some physiological activity. It isn't a strange sickness. It is the effort on the part of a few cells to not surrender, and to go off and make a pattern of their own in any way, shape or form they can." Those statements may seem to be outrageous to some people and they may make current medical theories wrong, but in actual fact.

Both Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Rose and many other scientists of their time were totally correct. They simply were way ahead of their time.

Still now, current medical journals and studies very emphatically state, "we don't know the true cause of cancer cells"

"We DO know "risk factors" but not the true cause." Well, if you don't get to the true cause of a problem then of course you cannot solve it. This is true for any problem in life. If you only look at "risk factors", "symptoms" and statistics you simply cannot solve the problem.

You MUST get to the cause of situation to solve it or turn it around. And if current medical theories still state that they have no idea what "causes" cancer, well then, we need to look elsewhere!

I found in my search a few facts (certainly not all the facts) about the properties of a cancer cell: seems it really doesn't like oxygen, nor does it like an alkaline terrain in the body, nor does it like certain electrical impulses. There is always some sort of parasite present (virus, bacteria, fungus, etc.) that is helping the cell to mutate and be abnormal... so here we have a new "embryonic type" entity being formed in the body that cannot "live" in an alkaline environment.

This new entity cannot survive with tons of oxygen and certain electrical impulses along with certain immune system reactions in the body which will help kill this new entity, from a physical standpoint that does tell us a few things that should be done to further halt this generation of the "new entity", increase the immune system by at least 7-10 fold, cleanse the body well, alkalize the body, flood it with oxygen... but it still doesn't solve the total problem (obviously).

After having surgery twice in the last 6 weeks to remove two tumors, my husband was told that he "needed radiation" to kill off any possible remaining cancer cells. Let me digress just a moment here to acknowledge his surgeon. If you live in South Louisiana you simply cannot find a better, more caring, more qualified ear, nose and throat plastic surgeon than Dr. Bradley Chastant. He was truly how a doctor should be.

We then went to visit with an oncologist (who will go un-named). I asked the doctor a key question, "how do you know that my husband still has cancerous cells that need to be radiated?" "Could the "possible" remaining cancer cells be destroyed with cleansing and increasing the immune system so the body could heal itself?"

WHEW! This started one heck of a debate. He quoted statistics which simply were not accurate, told us that he was a radiation expert and that based on generalized statistics Linwood needed the radiation. He admitted he knew absolutely nothing about nutrition nor any alternative means. He stated emphatically that this MUST be done and that there was 60% chance of the cancer coming back and more tumors etc. if we didn't choose to radiate 5 times a week for 6 weeks. He said "this is the standard protocol".

End of story. I asked if we were going to do more test first to further determine the need for this. He said none were necessary nor available. Based on stats we just need to radiate. We walked out. a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good. -- Alan C Nixon, PhD, former president of the American Chemical Society

As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, YOUR BEST CHANCE OF LIVING TO A RIPE OLD AGE IS TO AVOID DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS AND LEARN NUTRITION, HERBAL MEDICINE AND OTHER FORMS OF NATURAL MEDICINE. Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone. Most surgery is unnecessary. In short, our mainstream medical system is hopelessly inept and/or corrupt. THE TREATMENT OF CANCER AND DEGENERATIVE DISEASES IS A NATIONAL SCANDAL. The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be. -- Dr. Allan Greenberg on 12/24/2002

Stanford University doctors compared the effects of chemotherapy to doing nothing in patients with slow-growing tumors of the lymph nodes. The patients whose treatment was deferred for years did just as well as patients who immediately received expensive and unpleasant chemotherapy. Nineteen of the 83 (or 23%) experienced spontaneous remission lasting four months to six years. A review of the study in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded, "...deferring treatment ... may allow for spontaneous regression of the disease." -- "Cheating Fate," Health, April 6, 1992

Medical study shows: untreated patients live up to 4 times longer than those who received conventional cancer therapy.

"My studies have proved conclusively that cancer patients who refuse chemotherapy and radiation actually live up to FOUR TIMES LONGER THAN TREATED CASES...Beyond a shadow of a doubt, radical surgery on cancer does more harm than good...As for radiation treatment -- most of the time it makes not the slightest difference whether the machine is turned on or not. ...unfortunately, it seems to be only a question of time, usually, before the disease pops up again all over the body... Every cancer patient who keeps in excellent physical shape may have many good years left. The alternative is to squander those years as an invalid through radical medical intervention, which has zero chance of extending life. ...It's utter nonsense to claim that catching cancer symptoms early enough will increase the patient's chances of survival... Furthermore, untreated breast cancer cases show a life expectancy four times longer than treated ones. ~ My wife and I have discussed what she would do if breast cancer was diagnosed in her. And we both agreed that she would do nothing as regards to treatment, except to keep as healthy as possible. I guarantee she would live longer!" -- Dr. Hardin Jones, prominent cancer researcher & former physiology professor at the University of California Department of Medical Physics, who has been studying cancer for more than 23 years, traveling the world to collect data on the disease. Published in Transactions, New York Academy of Science, series 2, v.18, n.3, p. 322.

Note: Please don't interpret this and similar statements to mean that someone who has opted to go part or all of the conventional route doesn't have a chance. I believe there always is an excellent chance for health and recovery as long as the person is really determined (on all levels) to recover (after all, some people even recover on the conventional road!).

Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by up to 100 times, according to Dr. Samuel S. Epstein. -- Congressional Record, Sept. 9, 1987

Chemotherapy and radiation do not make the body well. They destroy, they do not heal. The hope of the doctor is that the cancer will be destroyed without destroying the entire patient. These therapies do kill cancer cells, but they kill a lot of good cells too including the cells of the immune system, the very system that one NEEDS to get well. If a cancer patient survives the treatment with enough immune system left intact, the patient may appear to get well at least temporarily, but he will have sustained major damage to his body and his immune system. How much better it is to nourish the immune system directly by the use of natural therapies to assist it in getting you well instead of destroying it by the use of these therapies. Then the immune system itself can kill the cancer cells without any side effects and heal your body at the same time. -- Loraine Day, M.D. one of those women who cured themselves of breast cancer naturally

Ok, now that I've completely blasted the standard medical model conventionally used to handle the cancer problem, let me actually take a step back, of course correct medical must be done. Of course PROVEN methods should be employed. I actually believe that in some cases radiation may be good. There are plenty of ways to handle the ill effects of radiation if it is truly needed.

What I still have to question is WHY do ANY treatment of any sort if there is no PROVEN reason to do it in an individual case? I personally am just having trouble accepting generalized statistics as a reason for an already proven and possibly deadly solution to the problem! My husband is not a statistic! He's my husband! I will do anything based on actual data to help him.

"And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul?"

-- Walt Whitman

Earlier in 1941 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner for his work on oxidation and vitamin C, pointed out that when experimenters broke living things down into their constituent parts, somewhere along the line life slipped through their fingers and they found themselves working with dead matter. So what was it that provided life to the cells, the parts of the organization, the "matter" of the body?

Dr. John Mulholland stated in 1945, "the surgeon can cut, remove, or rearrange the tissues, and sew up the wound, but only the patient can do the healing. Surgeons must always be humble before this miracle. We must treat the tissues with sure, deft gentleness, and above all we must do no harm, for we are nothing more than nature's assistants."

None of the textbooks in medical schools can tell us the how and why of healing. They explain the basics of scientific medicine: anatomy, biochemistry, bacteriology, pathology and physiology - each dealing with one aspect of the human body. Even if we could culture separately all of the organs and tissues and then put them together like Dr. Frankenstein's monster, we would still, at our present level of knowledge, have only a collection of different kinds of meat, not a living entity.

So that brings us back to the beginning of this newsletter, what is the CAUSE… what is moving and deciding… what organizes the growth? What is the control factor? What (or who) is really in charge here? And how on earth could certain cells take off and start creating seemingly on their own as they do in a cancerous cell? So… what unifies the organism (body), making every cell subservient to the needs of the whole?

You do. You... the spiritual being that you are!

Did you know that in one medical study over 80% of the cancer patients had had some family upset within 1-2 years prior to their illness? The family upsets included loss or threat of loss of a loved one, divorce, death, etc. In another study done 100% of people interviewed who had cancer had the same familial upsets present in their lives. Some level of suppression, stress, loss, etc. (whether they could "see" it or were "willing" to see it or not!)

And further, Dr. Robert Becker states, "The patient's faith in the doctor profoundly affected the outcome of many treatments. If the patient thought the remedy would work it usually did; otherwise it often didn't, no matter how up-to-date it was. The physiological effect of mind on body is just as real as the effects of wind on a tree."

My husband will be just fine. He is handling the true spiritual CAUSE of the illness and will continue to rebuild and fix the body physically with good nutrition and cleansing and proper and proven medicine. He feels and looks great!

If you want more information or what books would be good for you to read to better understand, drop me a line or give me a call. If you have a loved one or yourself going through this type of situation, nutrition is one of the major missing links, let us help you create a plan specific to YOUR needs… not based on generalized statistics! When this much trauma hits the body it takes up to 7 to 10 times the amount of normal nutrients to combat and repair... It may not be easy but it CAN be done.

Much Love,

Marie Pace, ND, CNC

Doctor of Naturopathy &

Certified Nutritional Consultant

Optimum Solutions, LLC

Holistic Health Consultants

210 Elmwood Dr.

Lafayette, La. 70503


From an email received 1/20/07

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