Hypoxis Rooperi (African Potato)

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6/05 We just heard from Mr. Irvine, Here is his latest communication:

"If you type hypoxirol or tumourol into your browser you'll see the MCA decision to declare both allopathic medicines because of the research we quoted on our site. Both have been renamed and are once again available at this site www.sangomanaturals.com. the contact details are correct and will be kept that way".

My name is Francis Irvine, Here goes hypoxis rooperi, (African Potato) exists in about 92 species, only one contains Rp3 a site specific anti-cancer aglucone. Research on extracts of the plant have done clinical trials all over the world and two of it's abundant constituents were isolated at the University of Natal they were nothing new to science, athough they were never thought to have the immuno modulatory ability these trials proved.

These were sterols and their glucoside sterolins, the company who financed the research concentrated their efforts on these two extracts in clinical trials at the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town the home of the worlds first heart transplant. The trial was conducted on HIV infected humans and FIV infected cats it was controlled by professor Patric Bouic a top immunologist and was started some 12 years ago.

(Unfortunately South Africa had been the target of British infiltration and 40 years of disinformation, so the resulting fiasco was a headlong rush to demonize tribalism and anything connected to it) This research was caught up in the free for all, the government of the new South Africa firmly disassociated itself from professor Bouics research because the name was politically incorrect and a tribal relic.

The facts are a stark contrast, every person on the 12 year trial is still alive and very well, no other drug can make this claim. This is all relevant as so much was lost forever at this time. A study on prostate hyperplasia by The Lancet Medical Journals UK research facility confirmed it as a treatment for BHP. It had then been in use in Germany as a prescription for BHP for 20 Years.

Because of anecdotal evidence of cancer cures associated with the plant, further research was undertaken during which it was found that not all of the African Potato species were effective, if fact only one shrinks tumours.

Extracts of this species was sent to Ruhr University in Germany for ex-vivo study and to the research facility of The National Cancer Institute in Bethesda Maryland to be tested in vitro. The results of both test were spectacular, Germany declared it definitly active against tumours and cancer cells.

The NCI also revealed that in tests on 60 types of tumour malignant and benign it had shrunk every one, I have the experiment numbers dates and names of the NCI scientists who conducted the privately funded tests. I became involved following surgery to remove a lump on my testicle (no big deal, said the surgeon) who woke me to say he would have to remove the other one as well.

I refused and in seeking alternatives was contacted by a college mate who was involved in the trials, I started on the sterols and strerolins first, they helped for a while then the lump started to grow again visibly. I consulted a Sangoma who said to try the plant itself, I did and the lump disapeared and has been normal for 11years.

The guy who helped me and myself set up to help others but political pressure forbid our participation in South Africa so I moved to the UK where I market the product internationally. We do not use commercially grown species as all of them have tested negative for Rp3, it is difficult to desorb the sterol and sterolins from even organically grown commercial crops of the plant.

We have a huge natural reserve where the plant is harvested by the traditional experts Sangomas.

In 1998 I recieved a call from The World Health Organisation in Geneva, the caller was a senior member of it's staff researching a brochure of mine, he phoned me to ask if the capsules really worked? I gave him a number to call when he phoned me back he ordered 3 months supply of the sterols and sterolins and although they stabilized the multiple myeloma his wife was infected with they never shrunk it. I sent him two tubs of hypoxirol and he started Tessa ( his wife)on the capsules after tests showed a 20-25% infection load, in two months his oncologist reported a signifcant decrees in viral load.

Now after two years she is testing clear, as are some seventy other MM infected individuals who have used it. Some of this is available on www.hypoxis.magick.inuk.com which has the correct contact numbers.

The other site is having technical problems and we are not able to access it to change the contact numbers it is at www.hypoxis.co.uk if you need any other information please be a bit more specific and I won't bend your ear for so long.

Thank you for your interest and just for good measure we have a lady in Anchorage Alaska who's white cell count has improved significanly in four weeks on Hypoxirol, I think she was a stage 4 neural blastoma case she is using the treatment now.

Here's the website: http://www.sangomanaturals.com/

Our query to Mr. Irvine/His Response (10/3/02)

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