Another Perspective On Distillers

I would like to quote from the following post, received via the Internet:

"We bought a Kenmore Countertop Water Purified ask Kenmore Countertop Portable Distiller, Model 625.34440. It was on sale at Sears for $79.00. It comes with a gallon bottle. I bought an extra for $7+. It's to distill potable water only. It takes about 6 hours and 5 minutes using cold tap water, (I learned to use hot water) to make a gallon. Though it suggested to sit on a counter, it does have a fan and can be annoying. So we'll stick this appliance down in the garage. It shuts off automatically. After the purchase, the cost should be around 25c a gallon. My engineer husband figured that one gallons cost 30.6 cents if used on "off peak" hours.

I wonder about this paragraph on the manual: "Purified water will remain fresher-tasting if it is kept tightly capped. Also shaking the bottle before pouring will aerate the water and make it taste better" Distilled water has always tasted okay to me. However, we detected a metalic taste and odor on the first few gallons, even though we followed the directions in the preparation for use. I believe this is subsequently disappearing".

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