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January 2011 from the NCI OCCAM office: "The use of complementary and alternative medicine by cancer patients is widespread and growing. Recent studies have estimated that between 30%-70% of cancer patients use one or more therapies that fall under the CAM umbrella, and this number will likely continue to increase. To date, the studies estimating CAM use among cancer patients in the United States have come from individual institutions, or have aggregated many such smaller reports. Currently, no national cancer registry collects detailed data on CAM for use by the research community.

This data gap may soon be addressed. Recently, OCCAM and NCI’s Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER)( program have begun a discussion on the feasibility of expanding SEER’s data collection on CAM use. The 17 current SEER-participating cancer registries cover approximately 28% of the U.S. population, providing a rich data resource for researchers studying all aspects of cancer incidence and treatment".

2010 We've got a great website for health professionals. Dr. Moshe Frenkel, former head of Integrative care at MD Anderson, now living in Israel has set up this site.

Dr. Moshe Frenkel website for *Institutions that wish to add integrative oncology service to their care Will open as a new page.

Posted August 2008 Safely dispose of unwanted drugs:

We know your patients are using complementary or alternative therapies to help fight their disease. Studies have continued to show use by a growing number of patients (in some studies up to 80%), many of whom DO NOT TALK to their healthcare providers about it.

There are several things to be accomplished through reading these pages:

1) You may thereafter find it easier to speak to your patient on the subject since you will know some terminology.

2) Your patient may feel more comfortable with you, and feel that you are not dismissive of their interest.

3) You will better understand why they have chosen to pursue this area.

4) There are relevant studies, you might like to start your journey by looking under the 'Studies' heading.

5) Take a look at 'Meeting Summaries'. You will note that ASCO held a symposium in this area in May 1999 (and again in 2001 and 2002). Please see NOAT-a group that discusses adjuvant therapy in nutrition. Also take a look at the AICR-American Institute for Cancer Research.

SEARCH on any topic of interest, there are many pages here.


We strongly support the need for scientific evaluation of "alternative" therapies. We can no longer dismiss them as unproven when no efforts have been made to explore them. This is ideology NOT science.

If mortality had been greatly reduced, your patients would probably not be looking at/for/to this stuff. Certainly many patients look to "complementary" medicine to help reduce/relieve toxic 'side' effects. But the promise of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery simply has not been kept-FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.

Good luck. Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate you caring. Please contact us with any questions and comments.

Ann Fonfa, patient and activist

Said in another context but it works for us:

"The good physician knows the general rules provided by guidelines and consensus reports. The excellent physician knows the exception to the rules." J. Willis Hurst, MD Consultant of the Division of Cardiology Emory University School of Medicine; Former Professor and Chairman

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Stargrove MB, Treasure J, McKee DL. Herb, Nutrient, and Drug Interactions: Clinical Implications and Therapeutic Strategies. St. Louis, MO: Mosby Elsevier; 2008.

Integrating CAM &Traditional Oncology

Oncology Issues, 3/02

Popular Complementary Therapies
Ethical Considerations of CAM:Conventional Setting
Practitioners' Sources for Clinical Info on CAM
Benefit of Individualized Programs CAM in UK
Survey Educators CAM in Conventional Health Ctrs
Alternative Therapies Insured in Washington
Minnesota Law on CAM
A Systematic Analysis of Websites (Cancer Centers)
Research into Alternatives

USA, Canada, includes PubMed for CAM site link

NIH and PubMed for CAM
Harvard to Invest in Alt Med Program
Mainstreaming CAM: Improving Studies
World Health Org Studies Traditional/Complementary Therapies
Integration of Acupuncture into the Oncology Clinic
Publication Bias for CAM trials - US LESS Positive
A Look at CAM by (Lord) Edward Baldwin
Children's Oncology Group Looks at CAM
Right Approach in ChemoPrevention Studies?
History of Cannabis & Its Preparations

Chemistry & Biodiversity August, 2007 online

Med Journals & Info:Adverse Effects

JAMA Study January 2001

Survey of Toxicity Assess & Reporting
Health System Failing Cancer Patients-Presidential Commission
20% New Drugs Later Show Serious Adverse Effects
Adverse Effects Reporting Standards NEEDED
Analysis: FDA Warning Ltrs to Investigators Onc Clin Trials
Randomized Trials Stopped Early : Systematic Review
Office of Cancer Survivorship

LINK to National Cancer Institute section, funding, information, studies

Office of Dietary Supplements

A database of articles from their website read this and link

Use of Alternative Therapies

Patient use of Complementary/Alternative medicine, Drug Interactions

Patient Use of Unconventional Therapy
CAM, Integrative or Unconventional Med?
From the Washington Post
CAM and Pediatric Patients
Cancer Specialists Avoid Alt Therapies
Patient Track-abstract (presented at conferences)
Alternative Medicine Used Worldwide
As Quoted in Artemis, 2/3 Americans use CAM
Patient's Need Information on Nutrition
Use of Alt Med Not Rejection of MD's
Perceived Cancer Causes Use of CAM
Perceptions on CAM Among Adults Who Use Conventional & CAM
Alt Med &New Theories in Conv'l Med
Study on Dietary Supp Shows Bias & Misunderstanding
Mainstreaming CAM: Improving Studies
Update on Natural Product-Drug Interactions
Communication Barriers:Pt Perspective
Decision to Forgo Conventional Treatment
CAM During Cancer Treatment
Internet for Medical Info
Percptns/Attitudes/Clin Onc CAM: Japan
Am Med Association Article Supports CAM
Use of Mind-Body Medical Therapies
Knowledge & Attitudes Toward CAM Among
WHEL: Disclosure on CAM Use
Chemotherapy Issues

Various articles

Pre-treatment: Dietary Supplements/Cisplatin
Value of Anthracyclines Questioned
Early Stage Colon Cancer/Chemo (Patient perspective)
Prognostic Disclosure: Near End of Life
Protective effect of hawthorn extract:cyclophosphamide (Mice)
Second & Next Chemo: What do we KNOW?
Chemo-induced Toxicities Reviewed
Antioxidants in Cancer Therapy-Review of Literature
Lung Ca Chemo MORE Costly, No Diff in Survival
Oral Oncology Products
Lancet: Comparison of Chemo for Colon Ca
Less Cycles of CMF (adj chemo)
Opening Line of this Paper tells a Sad Tale
Cancer Medicine's Dark Corners
Carcinomatous Menigitis:Taxane Induced?
Acute Myeloid Leukemia:Doxi & RTx
Circadian Timing of Cancer Chemotherapy
Taxanes in Adj Early Stage Bca
Excessive Tearing & Canalicular Blockage:Docetaxel
Effects of Black Cohosh on Chemotherapies
Chemo for Brain Mets Based on Chemosensitivity of Tumor
Severe Hepatic Sinusoidal Obstruction W/ Oxaliplatin
Bowel Perforation & Fistula Formation W/Bevacizumab
Chemo-induced Diarrhea & Dosing Intensity
PABA Enhances Conventional Cancer Therapies
High-dose Chemo and Cell Support
HER2 & Response to Paclitaxel in Node-Positive Breast Cancer
Hospitals Offer Alternative Care/Med Schools Teach

Many facilities have 'alternative' practitioners fully involved- Integrative Medicine

Integrating Alt Med into Conventional Education
Docs Want Education on CAM:Enhanced Commun w/Pts
Summary of "Integrative Medicine for Healthcare Orgs
U of Pennyslvania Expands CAM Program
Natl Education Dialogue to Advance Integrated Health Care
Proof Versus Plausibility

Canadian Medical Association Journal February, 2001

Letter: Naturopathic Med Has Standarized Licensure Exams
ABC's of Complementary/Alternative

Medscape: Oncology Issues 15(6):20-22, 2000

Acupuncture (from the ABC's)
Bach Flower Remedies
Herbals (from the ABC's)
Homeopathic (from the ABC's)
Magnet Therapy (from the ABC's)
Massage Therapy (from the ABC's)
Meditation (from the ABC's)
Therapeutic Touch (from ABC's)
Yoga (from ABC's)
Spiritual Needs (from ABC's)
Drug Complications: Outpatients

Another reason why patients are looking at natural, non-toxic therapies

Clinical Relevance of Doctor/Patient Empathy
Up to 1.9 Million Adverse effects-180,000 FATAL
Deaths in Error/Conventional Medicine
Health Care Profess'als, Grief, Fatigue, Com'cation

Psycho-Oncology, May 2001

Empathy Development in Physicians
Pain Mgment CME Changes Physican Practice Patterns
Survey Med Onc Fellows' Burnout, Communication Skills
Two Books by Daniel J. Benor: Healing Research
Speaking to Lesbian/Gay/Transgendered Patients
Good Communication Skills - Benefit Doc & Pt
ACS Wrkshp for Survivors

Abstract, CA Cancer J Clin, 2001

Introduction on Nutrition: Need for Guidance
Decision-making Uncertainty/Nutritional Issues During Phases
Dietary Supplements
Nutritional Issues for Common Cancer Sites
Phase I: Cancer Treatment & Food Choices/Nutritional Supplements
Phase II:Recovery From Treatment/Phase III:Preventing Recurrences
Phase IV: Living with Advanced Cancer
Specific Nutritional Issues for Survivors
Physical Activity
Nutritional Issues in CAM
Nutritional Issues for Common Cancer Sites
Cancer Prevention for Family Members
Promoting Informed Decision-Making by Survivors
Evaulation System: Courtesy of the AICR
Who Wrote This Report?
2002 Prevention Guidelines For Nutrition/Physical Activity
ACS Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort
Cancer Patients & Info From Internet

Dr.James M. Metz presents at ASCO, 2001

What Docs Feel When Pts Scour Health News
Impact of Media & Internet-Oncology
Patient/Doctor Communications IMPORTANT
Doctor-Patient Talks May Impact Care of Elderly Bca Pts
Internet Project: Mediterranean Eating - Scotland
Impact of Internet: From First Health Info Natl Trends Survey
Docs & Pharma Mkting w/less Contact

Tainted Medicine?
Beware Technological Imperatives/Commercial Interests
Advise Ca Patients on Food Choices

Fed of Euro Cancer Soc, 10/01

Confusion over Dietary Recommendations
Dietary Attitudes/Changes After Breast Ca
How Food Preparation Affects Nutrients
Nutritional Counseling Benefits From Physician Knowledge
Doctors Second Opinion

LINK to Alternative Health Information for Professionals

World Health Org Promotes Alt Med, 5/02 CALLS for Studies

Self-Rated Health:Predictor of Survival

J Clinical Oncology, 5/02

Psychosocial Health Needs of Ca Pts Not Met

This page will contain articles, studies, LINKS, etc.

Herb-Drug Interactions
UCLA Study of Herbal Remedies
Herbal Medicine: Predictors of Recommendation by Physicians
Protective Effects of Boerhaavia diffusa L. Against Radiation—Induced Damage
Drug-Nutrient Workshop - Interactive software

Nutrition Tools For HEALTHCARE Professionals

Drug Information - Various Sources

LINKS to pharmaceutical sources and non-pharma resources

Prevalence of Pain- Cancer Pts - Systematic Review

Annals of Oncology, October 2007

Sites specifically for Nurses

Variety of links

Flow of Freebies to Doctors

September 16, 2010 with comments by Ann Fonfa, founder of this website

Comments on MedPageToday Article on Freebies for Docs

Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.

This site is like an Encyclopedia - there are many pages, many links on many topics.

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