Food Versus Vitamins

Older Americans would rather pop vitamin pills to prevent cancer than eat a healthy diet, researchers said on Thursday in a report they said they found worrying. While eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables has been shown in hundreds of studies to prevent cancer, there is no strong evidence showing that taking vitamins does, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) said.

``The fact that so many Americans, especially older Americans, are seeking cancer protection in pills and powders is alarming,'' Melanie Polk, a registered nurse who directs nutrition education at AICR, told a news conference. ``We know that fruits and vegetables are very preventive.''

AICR said polls had shown that 39 percent of Americans say they have changed their diets to help reduce their risk of cancer, but 43 percent say they are taking daily multivitamins to reduce their risk and 21 percent are taking other pills, such as herbs or single supplements, with this aim.

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