Fruits and Vegetables supply strength for bones

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Scientists at the University of Surrey, in England, studied 62 healthy Scottish women ages 45 to 55 who were screened for signs of osteoporosis. The women's bone health was determined by measuring the density of bones in the neck and spine, and by checking urine and blood samples for signs of bone formation or bone loss. Study participants also had to provide a record of their daily diets.

Women who ate foods rich in zinc, magnesium, potassium, fiber and vitamin C had stronger bones and lower rates of bone loss than women who got lower amounts of these vitamins and minerals. Researchers also found moderate alcohol consumption may have a healthy effect on bone development, but how that works remains unclear. Foods that are the richest sources of zinc, magnesium and potassium include baked potatoes with the skin, green peas, bananas, enriched breakfast cereal and beef. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C, and fiber is found is most fruits and vegetables.

Researchers say the findings lend more support to the importance of eating a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables. The study was published in the Dec. 30 issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Ann's NOTE: Those of us who are interested in food issues must pay attention to many studies. Scientists and researchers (in my opinion) get really knowledgeable in their own area of specialization but often fail to notice what else is going on. We have to have a BROAD overview.

A perfect example of this is that the same issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition featured an article about red wine. This study looked at red wine to see what about it was healthy for us. It MAY NOT be the alcohol at all, but the values it gets from grapes (fruit). Thus the constant confusion over whether alcohol is good for us or not, may be simply answered-it appears to be the FOOD. (The researchers of the study on bones did not know about the wine study when they stated that 'moderate' alcohol use may be beneficial.) But we do.

Imagine organic (red) grape juice or non-alcoholic red wine as a source of these vitamins and minerals.

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