Safe Cooking Methods, and Dietary Advice

A quote from Leonardo Da Vinci (ODE Magazine November 2007)

"Nature is so delightful and abundant in its variations that among trees of the same kind there would not be found one plant that resembles another nearby, and this is so not only of the plant as a whole but among the branches, the leaves and the fruit, not one will be found that looks precisely like another".

From the American Institute for Cancer Research comes the following advice: Grilling and broiling meats, fish and chicken can cause an excess of HCA (heterocyclic amines) a compound that is formed when meat is burned or cooked at extremely hot temperatures. HCA is very dangerous to the body. They cause tumors in animals and probably work the same way in humans. One theory holds that people who can drink a caffeinated beverage at night and still sleep well are fast metabolizers. If you are one of these people, it may be that HCA's will be more harmful.

Grilled vegetables are not subject to this problem. Nor are "blackened" foods since the flour and seasoning coating gets charred instead of the meat.

Frying foods uses too much fat. Boiling vegetables deletes important nutrients.

Safer cooking methods: Bake fish or chicken, steam vegetables (bamboo steamer is the good-old fashioned way), stir-fry or saute veggies in a small amount of olive or canola oil or use broth and water instead.

Or oven-fry white or sweet potato wedgesd, spray with vegetable cooking oil and seasonings.

Microwaved foods may change something in the blood. Eat as little of this as you can.

You don't have to give up meat, but you should add lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, less sugar, less salt.

Consider juicing as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

If you barbeque meats - the Denver Naturopathic Center (and many other resources suggest basting the meat while it cooks):

"Although marinating meat in a regular old style tomato based barbecue sauce increases the risk, certain other marinades have the opposite effect. An overnight soak in standard teriyaki sauce or a turmeric and garlic marinade reduces HCAs by half. Adding herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil or oregano lowers them even further". Posted July 2008

If you seek information about tea and its valuable properties, go to this URL on our site:

"Studies and Information on Tea

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How/What to Buy/Do

Set up a healthy program for yourself and your family

Best Sources for Vitamins/Minerals
Green Vegetables
Information on Fiber
Foods That Heal
Some Common Acid Ash Foods
Some Common Alkaline Ash Foods
Flaxseeds, Chia, and Oil
Advocate's:Diet, Nutr/Natural Supps
Using Ayurvedic principles of Healthy Eating
Whole Grains:
Stability of Ascorbic Acid: Orange Juices
Eat All Colors of Foods
Avoid ready-to-eat Shrimp
Healthy Fats:Controlled Study Analysis
Healthy Sugar Substitutes/Sugar & Artificial
How to Clean Vegetables
Olive Oil
Choose Healthy Snack Foods if You Eat Them
Home Delivery of Organic Foods
Pesticide Residues Survey in Citrus Fruits
Soft drinks/Sodas/Pop
Websites that help with Eating Healthy
Cubing/Shredding Potatoes Before Boiling Can Reduce Mineral Content By 75%
Genetic Engineering/Modification

A good reason to demand and eat organic food

July 10, 2001 New Scientist
Agricultural Secretary Glickman speaks
Difficult to Contain Altered Genes
Roundup Ready Soybeans
Letter to NAH CSPI & Response
Weedy Oilseed Rape Plants Often GM in Canada
The Fake Persuaders
Interview w/Carlo Leifert - Left UK GM Science Review Panel
GM Cotton Damaging to China's Environment
PRESS RELEASE on GMO's in Europe
GM DNA in Human Gut Underestimated
Seeds of Doubt: Soil Association UK
Interesting Correspondence w/Rhio
Monsanto, FDA. US Govt: Connections
Oh NO, Meat/Milk:Cloned Animals?
UK Report: GM Hurts Wildlife
Monsanto Drops Plans For GM Wheat
Severe stunting, deaths and sterility in the progeny of rats
Sea Vegetables/Seaweed

What, How and Why

Here is Aliss T's Take on Seaweed
Antioxidant & Hepatoprotective potential agaro-oligosaccharides in vitro/ in vivo
Kelp Reduces Levels of Estradiol (rats)
Intracellular Signaling, Cell Death Mekabu (Seaweed) Extract
Anti-tumorigenice Components of Seaweed - Eeteromorpha clathrata
Fucoidan-Vitamin C complex suppresses tumor invasion
Green Foods/Green Drinks

Benefits the immune system, detoxifies and more

Wild Plants
Chemoprotective effect of Spirulina

Chop it up to retain healthy properties

Natural Lifestyle Catalogue

A link to organic food/macrobiotic organic clothes/ cleaning products/ etc. for those who cannot get to a store

Foods that support strong bones

A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Food Sources of Calcium
Critical of Cow's Milk
Milk NOT Nature's 'Perfect' Food (Letter)
Calcium Content of Foods
Organic Milk: Good Source for Omega-3
Kefir Extracts & Yogurt Suppress Proliferation in cancer cells

Advice on safety Nature's Corner Magazine, 2006

'Cancer Cookbook: Making it Nutritious & Delicious'

From the book by Patrick Quillin, PhD 'Beating Cancer with Nutrition'

Canola  (Rapeseed)/Coconut/Argan OILS

A possible precaution more research now being done

Andrew Weil's opinion (1998)
Engineered Canola and FDA Approval
Sources for Coconut Oil-Organic
Argan Oil in Morocco-Cancer Chemoprevention
"Coconut Cures" A book by Bruce Fife, ND

A survivor's perspective on this dietary program

Short-term intervention w/a paleolithic diet in healthy volunteers
Sanitation NOT Irradiation

Int'l J Health Services, 2001 Dr. Samuel Epstein


Many benefits to use of flaxseeds/oil

Dietary Flaxseed & Cyclical Mastalgia
Patient Perspectives on Flaxseeds/oil
Flaxseed Fight Prostate Cancer
Dose Effects Flaxseed on Mammary Tumors in Rats
Flaxseeds & Post-Meno Women
Flaxseeds, Chia, and Oil
Essential Fatty Acids & Post-Meno Bone Loss
Dr. Douwes Talks About Flaxseed Oil
Alternative Treatment for Bca Gets Results
Advocate Leonard's Info on Flaxseed
Dietary Flaxseed Inhibits ER- Human Bca & Mets
Effects of Dietary Flaxseed (in utero/prepubertal) Rats
Dietary N-3 To Prevent Cancer: Review
Herb of the Month: Flaxseed _TCM
NUTRITION: Fruits/Vegetables, Dietary Fat,Wine, Nuts, etc.

Correspondence, articles, links

LOTS MORE ARTICLES-Exercise,Foods, Wine and more
Diet, Nutrition & Ca Prevention
General Studies on Vegetables in Combination
Harvard Report on Cancer Prevention
Proteins, Fat and Vegetables
Ovarian Cancer and Vegetable Intake
Carrots and Antioxidants
A Study on Fruits & Vegetables/A Counterpoint From AICR
Broccoli and Cruciferous Vegetables
High Animal Protein & Bone Loss
An Evaluation of Plasma Antioxidant Levels and Risk of Bca
Review: Randomized Controlled Trials of Nutrition/Prevention
Foods/Vitamins Possible Protection Skin Cancer
Protection Offered by Natural Compounds in Fruits/Vegetables (In vitro)
Increased Pilot Studies Into Dietary Modifications and Cancer
Dietary Changes Among Cancer Survivors
Inhibition of Carcinogenesis by Dietary Polyphenolic Compounds
Protective Substances in Fruits/Vegetables: AICR Report
Whole Grains
Dietary Intake Levels for Phytochemicals Discussed
Alpha-linolenic Content of Green Vegetables (Australia)
Helix Pomatia Lectin & Cancer (snails for Type A)
Anticancer Properties of Australian Desert Tree (Avicins/Skin Ca)
Dietary Assessment-Shows Validity of Methods
The Comprehensive Approach to Diet
Applying Science to Changing Dietary Patterns
BERRIES: Cherries, Cranberries, Prunes, Persimmons, Acai etc.
Research Needs for Human Nutrition Post-Genomic Era
Ecologic Study:Dietary & Solar UV-B & Mortality for Bca
Protective Vegetal Micronutiments & Microcomponents
Using Pharma Drug that Resembles Vegetables
Salicylic Acid in Soups w/Organic & Non-Organic Vegetables
Cancer Patients, Nutrition, Wasting,
More Research Needed on Acrylamide
How Food Preparation Affects Nutrients
Sprouts for Cancer Protection
Ambiance Affects Food Intake/Food Choices
Beetroot Therapy: Dr. A. Fenenci, MD
WHEL: Disclosure on CAM Use
Eat a Peach or a Plum to kill ER- Breast Cancer Cells
Living and Raw Foods/Sprouts

Information on these eating styles, see LINK

Aliss T. on Sprouting
Uncooked Foods offer more vitamins
Raw Gourmet Newsltr-book/more
Article on Raw Food
Raw & Cooked Veg/Fruits/Micronutrients & BCa Risk
Living Raw in Tulsa
Hippocrates Alum OR People who Eat Living Foods
Raw Food Diet May Need Folate/B12 Supplementation
A.T.: A Patient Quotes Udo Erasmus

A.T. explains Udo

Dr. Don Lemmon's Approach

LINK to site that may help persuade the 'healthy' members of your family to eat right and exercise

Living on Earth

LINK to page on "Ten Must-Eat Organic Foods" and more

All Organic

LINK-nothing for sale, just information

An Article on Food Combining

Take more care with cooked foods

Glycemic Index information

Leonard, an advocate offers information from his research

Validity of Glycemic Index Explored
Cancer's Sweet Tooth
Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load & Risk of Prostate Ca
Blood glucose lowering effects brown rice in normal & diabetic subjects
USDA Nutrient Directory

Look up amount of nutrient in 1,147 foods

Contamination & Plastic Pkging

Annie Berthold-Bond

Trimellitic Acid from Epoxy Anhydride Can Coating in Food
Importance of bee-collected pollens

Int J Food Sciences & Nutrition, 5/02

Nutrition Research Center

LINK to articles on site of Dr. Vic Shayne, Boulder, CO

Red/Pink Fruits/Vegs & Ca Prvntn

National Cancer Institute EAT ORGANIC-all colors/many types fruits and vegetables

Lutein/Zeaxanthin Microgram Values for Some Foods
Dried, Encapsulated Fruit & Vegetable Juice Concentrate.

Article from 12/01 J Medicinal Food

Moss Reports on Spirulina (#64)
Spirulina May Protect Kidneys from Mercury Damage
Organic/Free-Range/Grass Fed Meat/Dairy


Flavour, lipid composition, antioxidants in organic, free-range & conventional chicken breasts
Organic Beef - No Mad Cows
Grain-feed w/Dietary Oil Enhances CLA content of 'Beef'
How to Identify Real Organic Food
Raisins from the Ayervedic View

Thanks to Ayurveda Newsletter Flavors of Health September 2002 Issue

Raisins as Preservatives
FARM Fish Information

UPI, 9/02

Issues w/ Farm-raised Fish
Fish Farm Breeding Problems
Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Augment Cancer Therapy
Genetically Modified Fish Species:Ask if Wild or Farmed
Chemical Makes Fish Eat Vegetables Not Other Fish
Cancer Nutrition

LINK to website created by Carolyn Katzin Nutritionist, Ctr for Health & Healing at St Vincent Medical Center, Los Angeles Nutrition Handbook/Cookbook (no longer maintained by her)

Green Teas in a Bottle

No sugar, no preservatives

Understanding Dietary Fibre

Dr. Leo Galland, Dir Foundation for Integrated Medicine

Just Tomatoes

LINK to online source for dried organic fruits and vegetables

Ozone to Protect Grain

Purdue University, 1/03


LINK to resource for GMO-free soy coffee

Ban Trans Fats

LINK to non profit org against trans fatty acids

Healthy Recipes and some links

You can eat well

Mung Beans and Rice
Shinmeido Miso

LINK to Canadian supplier of traditional Japanese-style miso

Boxelder Basin Wellness Retreat

LINK to holistic retreat w/'periodic hands-on cooking classes

Food Sources for Vitamins

Probable source: "The Owners Manual for the Human Body" by Saul Pressman

Ultimate Immune

LINK to source for 'wildcrafted' food products

Veganism, Vegetarians

Calcif Tissue Int, March, 1997

Vegetarian Diet & BCA
Commentary from D'Adamo Perspective
Cellulose & Calcium:Colon Tumors-Rats
Low Iron Status & Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity :Vegetarians
Meat Eaters/Lactovegetarians &Muscle Strength
Raw & Cooked Veg/Fruits/Micronutrients & BCa Risk
Vegetarians and B12
Lifestyle & Mortality : German Vegetarians
Nutrititive Value of Wild Edible Fruits/Berries/Nuts/Roots/Spices
Excellent Effects of Long-term Vegetarian Diet: Cardio
Olive Oil

J Nutrition, 2002

Olive Oil Diet in Rats & Offspring
Olive Oil as Functional Food
Olive Oil
Olive Oil Could Contain Defects
Refined Olive Oil Loses Antioxidants
Olive Oil & Phenols Prevent Inflammation (Ovariectomised Rats)
Type of Oil Matters-Corn Oil vs Olive Oil -Rats w/Cancer
Olives/Olive Oil & Cancer Prevention
Sources for Organic Olive Oil
Olive Oil Cuts Levels of Her-2/neu
Reactive Chemicals in 142 Food Items

J Nutr, 5/04

MSG: Slow Poisoning of America
Marine Phytoplankton

Information, links

Carrie Host - Cancer Patient Tells Her Story - Marine Phytoplankton
Some books on Food

A variety of approaches

How to Handle Moldy Food

Thanks to, April 2008

 Fasting - Studies, LINKS and more

Int J Obes Relat Metab Disc, 12/02

Day-on, Day-off Diet Boosts Health (Mice)
Intermittent Energy Restriction For Cancer Prevention
Monthly Fasting May Help Heart
Fasting Before Chemo Protects Healthy Cells (MICE)
Impact of Religious Fasting on Human Health

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