Food Companies Now Target Doctors

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Food Companies Target Doctors

It Is Bad Enough That The Medical Profession Has Lost Much Of Its Credibility By Bowing To Drug Company Sales Tactics, But Now Conventional And Alternative Doctors Are Also Pushing Food - Everything From Seafood To Juices To Soy Bars. Drug Reps Must Now Compete With Food Reps.

This really comes as no surprise because Medicine is for sale these days and more and more doctors can be bought with a wide range of goodies. The food companies have it right: get doctors to push brands at their patients and natch, the patients will follow orders.

In fact, you can see a lot of this happening on the Internet with doctors who run websites pushing and selling all sorts of food and food devices, including juicers. Some of them think nothing of this.

It's simply a way to make a buck. (Aren't I A Clever fellow?) Now, however, major food companies are getting involved; no more small stuff. The stakes - and rewards - will be much higher.


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