Focused Cryoablation For Low-Risk Pts

'Male Lumpectomy' Promising New Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Data Presented at RSNA Shows 'Focal Cryoablation' Highly Effective (95%) Treatment for Low-Risk Patients Concerned About Surgery, Radiation Side Effects and Watchful Waiting

Endocare, Inc. , an innovative medical device company focused on the development of minimally invasive technologies for tissue and tumor ablation, today announced that data presented at the nation's preeminent radiology conference showed that in a study of 20 patients who underwent focal cryotherapy for their prostate cancer 95 percent showed no biochemical evidence of cancer recurrence (their PSA's were stable following therapy).

None of the 17 patients who had biopsies after therapy showed any evidence of disease and 80 percent of the patients maintained their potency. Also, no patients were incontinent following treatment.

Focal cryotherapy uses advanced targeting and freezing technologies to destroy only the portion of the prostate believed to be affected by the cancer, leaving other regions of the gland and the nerves associated with potency intact.

Results presented today by Gary M. Onik, M.D., an interventional radiologist and director of surgical imaging at the Center for Surgical Advancement, Celebration Health, Celebration, FL, at the 89th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago are an update of a recently published study of 9 patients who underwent the procedure.

The new form of the procedure, which was performed by Dr. Onik using Endocare's proprietary Cryocare Surgical System, is applicable to at least 35 percent of men whose tumor resides in only a portion of the prostate.

Onik said that an additional 45 percent of all prostate patients who have microscopic tumors of less than 5 mm can also be treated with focal cryotherapy.

"When men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, often they have to decide between 'watchful waiting' -- doing nothing and hoping the cancer does not grow quickly -- or choosing one of several treatments, all of which can have debilitating side effects, often including impotence, incontinence and diarrhea," says Onik.

"There has been no middle-ground choice. Our preliminary research suggests focused cryosurgery is an effective treatment and could provide that middle-ground for some men as lumpectomy has been for the thousands of women who have chosen it over more invasive treatment options."

About Endocare

Endocare, Inc. -- -- is an innovative medical device company focused on the development of minimally invasive technologies for tissue and tumor ablation.

Endocare has initially concentrated on developing devices for the treatment of prostate cancer and believes that its proprietary technologies have broad applications across a number of markets, including the ablation of tumors in the kidney, lung, liver and bone.

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Source: Endocare, Inc., 12/03

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