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The Annie Appleseed Project is headquartered in the state of Florida. We want to acknowledge the many activities and organizations that are working in our state to reduce risk of cancer, to help people with cancer, and their caregivers.

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Linda Chase does Reflexology and has donated her services at the Annie Appleseed Project's annual Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies conferences.

She can be reached for Reflexology:



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Florida Assisted Living Coalition

LINK: Statewide organization working with Assisted Living facilities

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David Dyer, ND

LINK: Sarasota-based Dr. Dyer is also a Professional Cancer Coach, a Massage & Colon Therapist.

Pulse of Florida

LINK: Patient Safety Community - part of the grassroots advocacy of PULSE America.

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People United for Medical Marijuana - Florida

LINK: "Please call Kim Russell at 407-405-0110 or email at info@pufmm.org to get involved.

We are working to re-legalize medical marijuana by educating the public, lobbying our legislators, & petitioning.

House Joint Resolution 1407 was introduced on March 8, 2011 by Representative Jeff Clemens to allow patients access to medical cannabis. Please call your Representative & ask them to support this Resolution.

Florida's Ballot Initiative:

Number of signatures verified: 26,455

Amount of contributions: $34,147.93

Valid signatures needed: 676,811 by 2/1/2012

Estimated cost of successful ballot initiative: $5 million

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Deer Run B& B (Eco-Friendly)

LINK: Bed & Breakfast in Big Pine Key, Florida Keys

"Every morning we serve our guests an innovative full total vegetarian breakfast (everything is suitable for vegans) on our screened veranda overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Jen’s arrival at Deer Run inspired her to incorporate her vegan lifestyle into the inn.

Jen studied privately with a professional chef, with a goal to introduce her vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests alike to a delicious cuisine to be savored. Our focus is on fresh and healthy. Breakfasts consist of a daily varying hot entrée, along with fresh home-baked bread or muffins, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and juice or smoothies.

A typical breakfast could include Jen’s pancakes with fruit compote, parfaits (with key lime mousse and homemade granola), fresh fruit, cranberry burst orange muffins, and juice. We use as much organic food as possible, locally source ingredients, cook only in stainless steel cookware, use only non-irradiated organic spices, and exclusively offer fair trade & organic coffee, tea, cocoa powder, chocolate and vanilla extract".

Florida Yoga - SUBMIT your Website

State-wide information Find a yoga studio near you

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