Fifty Best Cases-Max Gerson

BOOK REVIEW by Andrew Saul, PhD

Gerson, Max A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases (Third Edition, 1977) Del Mar, CA: Totality Books

Nobel laureate Albert Schweitzer's wife was cured by Dr. Gerson's therapy. Dr. Schweitzer himself called Gerson "a medical genius who walked among us." High praise indeed, yet fully justified by Gerson's striking success in frequently curing cancer, circulatory and nervous diseases, tuberculosis, arthritis, and more. His book completely describes the details of his therapy, thereby taking the wind out of the sails of those who would say that Gerson was just out to make money. Unlike some books that tell of a cure, this one tells exactly how to cure. Pages 187 to 248 should be read first by anyone who needs immediate knowledge of the therapy. Pages 251 to 389 contain the 50 case histories, including x-rays, of those cured of a considerable variety of cancers. Gerson explains his approach, and the problem of cancer in general, in the first third of the book.

Though rarely stocked at commercial bookstores, A Cancer Therapy is a remarkable volume and is most valuable for both patient and practitioner. Gerson's therapy can be done at home with minimal professional care. Here is far more than just "hope" for incurable illness; here is a proven solution. You probably struggle to believe that statement. That is why you need to read this book. (420 pages, paper)

(Note: Although I enthusiastically recommend this book, I do not sell it and neither does Doctor To purchase, try your favorite bookseller and have them look it up in Books In Print. To borrow it, ask your public library's interlibrary loan department to assist you.)

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