Fertility Preserved w/Tissue Implant to Arms

Preserving Fertility

A new procedure may help women preserve fertility after they undergo treatment for cancer or other diseases. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers implanted ovarian tissue into the arms of two women in their 30s who'd had their ovaries removed.

One woman had had ovarian cancer and the other had benign ovarian cysts. The transplanted tissue produced functioning "mini-ovaries" in both women's forearms that produced mature egg cells and regulated menstruation, The Associated Press reports.

The researchers say the procedure could make it possible for women whose ovaries are removed or destroyed by chemotherapy, radiation or cancer drugs to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. They say the women could have ovarian tissue removed before they began treatment for cancer or other diseases, and then have it implanted once the treatment is completed.

Because only part of the ovary is needed for the transplant, doctors would be able to select healthy tissue from women whose ovaries are damaged, the AP reports.


Frozen Ovarian Tissue Implanted: Pregnancy Results

June 2004 European Soc for Human Reproduction and Embryology

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