Fenretinide (vitamin A) &Ovarian Ca

Trial Information (posted 10/02)

Summary: An Exploratory Evaluation of Fenretinide (4-HPR) as a Chemopreventative Agent for Ovarian Carcinoma (GOG 0190)

Study Description: To evaluate whether women who are at high risk for ovarian cancer and who are choosing to have prophylatic removal of their ovaries decrease their risk by taking Fenretinide oral capsules versus women at that same high risk but who only have their ovaries removed.

Study Criteria: Must be at least 18 y/o Must be at increased risk of ovarian cancer by evidence of genetic mutation or by family history Must be electing to undergo prophylactice removal of both ovaries Must have in relatively good health and have a life expectancy of at least 12 months Must have a normal pelvic exam within 6 weeks prior to study entry Must have adequate bone marrow, liver, kidney function Must not have any medical illness that cannot be adequately controlled Must not have received chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiotherapy to the pelvis or investigational treatments within 6 months prior to study entry Must discontinue HRT at least 8 weeks prior to study entry Any multivitamin use must not be more than a single daily dose and it must contain less than 25,000 IU of vitamin A


Nannette Dasher, Research Study Assistant Memorial Health Research Center The Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute 4700 Waters Ave Savannah, GA 31404 Telephone: 912-350-5664 Fax: 912-350-7879

Email: DasheNa1@memorialhealth.com

Profile Page: Memorial Health Research Center, Savannah, GA

Clinical Trial: Ovarian Ca  Monoclonal Antibody

Posted at company request, 4/05

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