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April 2010 - we received an email from the founders of

We started up the Gloveup campaign to bring more awareness, education and work safety on site in the painting trade in New Zealand".

"We have a UN number system here that is on our solvents which you then have to refers to the data sheet as to what protection you must use with that solvent, our symbol was designed, with the glove protecting the blood, as your first exposure to the solvent is normally by the hand and you also wash your hands in a solvent to remove the paint form your hands".

Workplace Cancer Figures Found Underreported (Update October 2007)

In a new study with broad implications for the U.S., UK researchers claim that their government’s 26-year-old figures on occupational cancer grossly underestimate both the numbers of workers exposed to cancer risks and the number who develop work-related cancers, the BBC reports.

The existing figure, which estimates 6,000 work-related cancer deaths annually in the UK, are based on an influential 1981 study by Richard Doll and Richard Peto, commissioned by the now defunct U.S. Office of Technology Assessment. That study, later published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, has been cited in over 441 scientific articles to debunk claims that environmental causes are significant contributors to cancer.

Critiques of the Doll and Peto study point to the authors’ sole reliance on epidemiologic studies of workers in large industries and their failure to consider exposures in smaller workplaces, as well as the limitation of their analysis to deaths in those under age 65. Last year a group of European researchers revealed that Doll had financial relationships with a number of industries that manufacture cancer-causing chemicals, including Monsanto, the Chemical Manufacturer’s Association, and Dow Chemical.

The new study, led by Andrew Watterson of Stirling University in Scotland, estimates that UK work-related cancer deaths are between 12,000 and 24,000 every year. Watterson and one co-author have consulted with law firms representing workers involved in occupational cancer lawsuits.

Source: Center for Science in the Public Interest

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Glove Up - New Zealand

LINK: " provide basic information on the dangers of using solvents in the workplace and how to protect yourself from exposure".

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