A Comment From An Informed Patient and Advocate

"I just read your synopsis of SLNB. It was truly comprehensive and excellent, touching on all the issues. Although you did mention the 5% false negatives, I think it's important to spell out what it means and the implications.The pathological interpretation of a negative or positive sentinel node (and thus the decision to move forward with further axillary dissection, is made on the basis of a frozen section. In a small percent of cases (I could get the exact percent in the Memorial Sloan Kettering series) the more extensive pathology testing, the monoclonal antibodies may be read as positive ( this was the case with me). The final report may come up to 10 days post-op. Then decisions need to be made re: going back into the axillary, i.e., .further surgery, further treatment, etc. Women don't always ask what percent of the final path analysis is inconsistent with the frozen section, what then is done about the false negatives".

Janice M., RN

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