Female Cancer Pattern in Northern part of Kerala, India

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Female Cancer Pattern in Northern Part of Kerala, India Jakakumary Muttappilli Myalil, MD

Objective: This study was conducted from October 2001 to April 2002 to study the one time incidence rate in the Northern part of Kerala.

Methods: This study was conducted in three different districts of the northern part of Kerala, namely Kannur, Kasaragod and Wyanad. The attitude and practice towards various risk factors related to female cancers is different from southern and northern parts of Kerala.

Results: There is no authentic data available in the northern part of Kerala regarding the incidence and pattern of female cancers. This study revealed that the cancer pattern is different in different districts.

Breast cancer incidence was 21.9/100,000 population and cervix cancer incidence rate was 22.5/100,000 population in the study area. Other leading sites of cancer observed among females were ovary, mouth, esophagus and stomach. The thyroid cancer rate was 1.6/100,000 population, which is higher when compared to the same among males. The crude incidence rate for males was 102.6/100,000 and 98.9/100,000 for females in the study area.

The age adjusted rate for males in the present study was 129.8/100,000 and for females the same was 117.4/100,000 population. The rate from the southern part of Kerala reported that the AAR is 107.2/100,000 for males and 75.5/100,000 for females. These rates are very low when compared to the rates of northern part of Kerala.

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