Female Auto Assembly Line Workers & BCa

Women who put together America's cars may be up to 20 percent likelier to get breast cancer than other women, say preliminary results of a study. The exposure of automotive assembly line workers to metalworking fluids over time increased their chances of getting the disease, but environmental epidemiologists at the University of Massachusetts/Lowell, who did the study, are quick to add that this does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship.

"We cannot say that exposure to metalworking fluids is the cause of disease. We can say there is a statistical association" between environmental exposure and breast cancer, says Deborah Thompson, a doctoral student in the University of Massachusett's Department of Work Environment.

She and a team of researchers did the study, which looked at the exposure of almost 5,000 women to metalworking fluids between l940 and 1996. She received no financing from the auto industry; the final study results are being completed this summer.

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