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FDA Grants Orphan Drug Status To Wobe-Mugos For Multiple Myeloma

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- August 10, 2000 -- The FDA has approved the Orphan Drug application of Wobe-Mugos as an adjunct therapy for multiple myeloma. Wobe-Mugos is a combination of systemic enzymes, used successfully in Europe in conjunction with chemotherapy since 1977.

Numerous clinical trials have proven its efficacy in reducing the severity of symptoms, extending life span and improving the quality of life of multiple myeloma patients.

The orphan drug application was filed by Marlyn Nutraceuticals of Scottsdale, AZ. The company conducts extensive in-house research and also collaborates with numerous leading research institutions around the world to develop safe, effective and wholesome solutions to healthcare problems.

Each year, roughly 13,000 Americans develop multiple myeloma, an incurable form of cancer. The disease is characterized by the spread of cancerous B-Lymphocytes, the antibody-producing cells of the body. There is no cure. Currently, the only treatment is chemotherapy, and in some cases, bone marrow transplant.

Ann's NOTE: This is a release from the manufacturer. FDA will ONLY give approval for one disease at a time. This company may or may NOT apply for other cancers. But enzyme therapy is a part of treatment in many cancer protocols. This is a wonderful step forward.

Thanks to Oncology Today.

Ann's NOTE: See the Clinical Trials Section for information on where and how to participate.

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