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Aliss T. provides this information, but states:"Well, I don't know if I believe the whole spiel, but here it is".

Infrared waves are between visible light and radio. The heating healing ones are 4-16 microns long. Our bodies absorb almost 100% of these. These are the ones needed for photosynthesis by plants. Living things were obviously designed to soak these up.

Living things radiate infrared too.

The FIR wavelength lowers lactic acid, stimulates endorphins, kills certain bacteria and parasites, penetrates tissues, detoxifies cells by vibrating ionic bonds, stops swelling, improves lymphatic flow and blood circulation, attracts calcium to cell membranes where it is needed for healing, decreases the size of water clusters which gives them greater mobility and penetration in and out of body tissue. When these hyperactive or energized water clusters move in and out they mobilize stored toxins that can then be excreted.

The benefits of hyperthermia are many, however, the FIR heater causes profuse sweating at a much lower temperature than rocks heated by electric coils which heat the air to a searing temperature capable of damaging respiratory and vision and not recommended for those with cardiac or diabetic conditions. So very ill people can use FIR who can not safely use conventional sauna.

The wood doesn't get hot, only the body of the person getting the rays, so harmful terpenes aren't released. You can use an acrylic or even cotton sauna box with FIR heater, or poplar wood instead of cedar. There is much lower ELF radiation and much less energy use. It is much safer in terms of fire hazard and burn hazard (little or none). It does not require venting. The heat is gone as soon as you turn it off.

Conversely, you can sauna in a cold room because it heats your body, not the air. FIR induces a core temp of 100.4 quickly with a low setting. This is enough to mobilize toxins and get them out in sweat. You can go higher of course for hyperthermia treatment. You can get FIR underwear and joint wraps too.

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