Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors Program

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The previous quarter has seen a significant increase in the number of fact sheets available on the BCERF web. One of the new fact sheets summarizes our most recent efforts in evaluating the breast cancer risk associated with specific pesticides. This fact sheet presents our findings about diazinon. This fact sheet is available from the fact sheet directory on the BCERF web at - URL:

Also made available this quarter are a variety of fact sheets dealing with dietary factors and breast cancer risk. The topics include: dietary fat, exercise and breast feeding. Another fact sheet we have added discusses the uses of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the home. All of these fact sheets are available from the URL above.


BCERF is dedicated to providing our readers accessible scientific information on environmental risk factors. This quarter we have expanded our database on breast cancer and environmental risk factors to include over 4,200 entries. This database is searchable by key word or author, and contains citations on breast cancer and environmental risk factors, as well as, cutting edge papers on occupational exposures and cancer risk, the biology of breast cancer, genetics and breast cancer risk. The database is available at - URL:

We are also pleased to announce that in July several new bibliographies on the role of diet and pesticides in breast cancer risk were added to the web site. The topics covered in these bibliographies include: dietary fat, exercise, breast feeding and pesticide residues in food. These bibliographies and many more can be found on URL:

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