Exposure to Gasoline/Diesel

Exposure To Gasoline And Increased Risk Of Male Breast Cancer

A Danish study reports an association between male breast cancer risk and exposure to gasoline and its combustion products. The findings were published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Researchers looked at data for 230 men diagnosed with breast cancer from 1970 to1989. Each patient with breast cancer was age-matched with 56 randomly selected male control subjects for statistical purposes.

Men who were employed for at least three months in industries with known exposure to gasoline vapors and combustion products were found to have a significantly increased risk of breast cancer compared with men in other industries. The risk increased when the researchers allowed for a 10-year period between first employment exposure and the date of diagnosis.

Breast cancer risk was highest among men younger than 40 years old and among those whose first exposure occurred before 1965. The authors suggest that the younger men may have had higher sensitivity to the exposure, and those whose exposure occurred before 1965 may have worked with higher concentrations of pollutants.

Source: American Journal of Industrial Medicine. Vol. 37, 2000.

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