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Ann's NOTE:Although this study was done on women with breast cancer, it is certainly reasonable to believe that exercise would be effective in any person with cancer. May 2010, in fact exercise has been studied in other cancer situations and is beneficial.

Exercise Reduces Unwanted Effects of Treatment

Many women with early-stage breast cancer suffer fatigue, nausea, anxiety and a host of debilitating symptoms as a result of their treatment. Yet as physically draining as cancer therapy is, new research suggests that exercise can counter some of its ill effects.

In a study of 123 women with early-stage breast cancer, researchers at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre in Canada found that regular, low-intensity exercise improved patients' physical functioning during cancer treatment.

Dr. Roanne Segal and her colleagues report their findings in the February issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Past research among breast cancer patients has shown exercise can boost women's physical and psychological health. But exactly what types of exercise are appropriate is unclear, according to Segal's team.

Ann's NOTE: I usually say if you can get out of bed, walk around the room, when you can leave your room, walk around your house, then walk around the block, then WALK. This exercise is as good as any other.

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LINK: NONPROFIT "dedicated to assisting mena nd women, who are living with cancer, reclaim their lives by providing a safe and effective exercise program FREE of CHARGE.

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