Evaluation of Potential Cytotoxicity: 

Dental Bleaching Agents

Evaluation of the Potential Cytotoxicity of Dental Bleaching Agents

Sérgio L. Zouain-Ferreira , Thalyta R. F. Zouain-Ferreira , Kátia R. H. Cervantes Dias , Adriano Caldeira-De-Araújo , Mario Bernardo-Filho


We studied the effects of dental bleaching agents (Insta-Brite™ , Karisma™ , Opalescence™ and Whiteness™) on the lysogenic induction and survival of Escherichia coli strains with different abilities to repair DNA damage. To evaluate lysogenic induction, an E. coli GY5027 (u) culture was incubated with solutions of bleaching agents. Cultures of E. coli AB1157 (wild type) , AB2463 (recA) and BW9091 (xthA) were incubated with the bleaching agents and the survival fractions determined.

The bleaching agents were found to promote lysogenic induction and to decrease the survival of the bacterial strains. These results suggest that bleaching agents are capable of inducing DNA damage in oral bacteria.

Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine Issue: Volume 12, Number 1/March 01, 2002 Pages: 33 - 37

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